How To Open a Mobile Hair Cutting Franchise

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Maintaining a mobile franchise business is a wise option if you want to have flexible work hours, as this type of business allows you to work when and where you want to. Easy to maintain and requiring low overhead costs, a mobile franchise is ideal for a hair cutting business. A mobile hair cutting franchise suits clients who are always on the go – busy here and there. Since they hardly find time to visit hair cutting salons, bringing the service to them is a welcome offer. Here are tips to consider if you plan to open a mobile hair cutting franchise:

  1. Study the pros and cons of opening a mobile hair cutting franchise. What benefits will it give you? Will you be able to handle the demands of the business especially that you have to be always on the go to answer calls from customers? Is the income good enough to sustain the business and earn decent profits? These are some of the points you should consider before setting up this kind of business.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary skill in the hair cutting business. If you are going to hire someone to give the service to customers, you will not profit much because a big chunk of your earnings will go to the salaries.
  3. Estimate the costs of operation. Gas prices nowadays can go crazy with the intermittent price changes. So if this is your number one apprehension, you should think of a way by which to save on gas expenses. Perhaps you can use a vehicle with less gas consumption. Or you can plan your trips when you go back and forth to costumers so you can save on gas. 
  4. Assess your financial status. Do you have enough cash to finance a startup mobile hair cutting franchise? Do you have the money to pay certain fees and operational costs? The good news is that it does not cost much to maintain a mobile hair cutting franchise. You can pursue your business even with a small amount. The technique is for you to start with whatever money you have, then grow as you go along.
  5. Study the market for mobile hair cutting business in your area. Consider too, the ways by which to promote your franchise. Some operators of this business conduct their business from home (make, answer and follow up calls of customers) but they respond to client calls through their vans that serve as their mobile salons. The van you will use can also be an advertising medium. Paint it with the name of your hair cutting franchise and it will serve as a roving advertisement as much as a roaming hair salon.
  6. Apply for a business permit for your mobile hair cutting franchise. Now because you are mobile, you should all the more operate legally as you are very visible to people and the authorities. You do not want to be caught red handed, therefore conduct your business in compliance with state, federal and local laws.

Your mobile hair cutting franchise may be a stepping stone to a full time hair salon. Yes, why not? Do not be afraid to branch out if you need to, as long as business is good. As in any business or profession, if you render your service well to your clientele, you will soon carve a name of your own in the industry.


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