How To Open a Motorcycle Repair Shop

With millions of people using a motorcycle or any two wheel vehicle for their means of transportation, opening a motorcycle repair shop really does makes sense. Since the demand is high and motorcycles, like cars and trucks, need regular maintenance to lengthen their optimized life, a good repair shop should seem beneficial. However, before getting down to it and opening your very own motorcycle repair shop, there are many aspects and factors that you have to know about the business.

Research about the business. A motorcycle repair shop is not as simple as it seems. First, you need to know at least the basics of repairing a motorcycle. If you are planning to hire seasoned motorcycle mechanics for your business, you do not really need to know every aspect of repairing motorcycles. Second, you will need to prepare an initial business plan that contains your goals, objective, capital required, and projected financial returns and expenses. To accomplish this, you can consult the people you will hire and try to get some info from your local government agency in charge of small business administration.

Observe and study competitors. Another way to beef up your business plan to show realistic figures and financials is to observe and study the operations of your competitors. Try to talk to some of the people working there. If you want first hand information, you may want to check out other motorcycle shops in another state or city and speak to the owner. Since you are not a direct competitor, the owner will not feel threatened and may help you out. Get as much details about their operation as possible.

Decide on a location. One of the most important aspects in opening a motorcycle repair shop is location. Your garage should be in a location that can be easily accessed and visible to passers-by. Take note of the size of the garage and if there is enough room to accommodate an acceptable number of motorcycles and an office. The best location would be in an area near motorcycle dealership and racing businesses since being near them may assure you of a market. Try to introduce yourself to these establishments so that they may refer their clients to you for the maintenance and repairs of their motorcycles.

Purchase the equipment and hire the people. Once your location is set, go out and hire the mechanics and purchase the equipment and tools needed for the shop. After purchasing, organize them in a shop logically and practically.

Advertise and market your business. Before your grand opening, make sure to prepare marketing materials that can help you inform people what your business is about and where they can find you. Make sure to get a good and large signage installed in your location. Print some flyers and posters about the opening of your shop. Radio and local TV Ads would be beneficial as well. Invite people in the industry like motorcycle dealers, and motorcycle racing aficionados. Make sure to invite the press to your opening as well.

As you get closer to the date of your opening, make sure to prepare a nice spread for your visitors. It is highly recommended to offer a promotional discount to all first timers in your shop. This way, you will encourage them to return to you. Of course, make sure that the service in your shop is top class otherwise, your new customers will never return and news will spread about your shop in a negative light.


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