How To Open a Nursing Home

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With so many rules and regulations slammed in your face by the state and federal government agencies, a nursing home is, hands down, the toughest business to start up and maintain. However, despite the difficulties and hardships in opening a nursing home, it is one of the most profitable businesses around due to the increasing health care demands. Nevertheless, you should not only open a nursing home for profit, you should have the heart to actually care for the elderly. If you are really decided in pursuing this career and business, then there are several things that you should know and accomplish to make your dream come true.

Research on the various guidelines and requirements. There are many things that you will need to read up on to fully comprehend all the guidelines, regulations, and requirements that come with the endeavor of starting up your own nursing home business. Visiting the US Department of Health and Human Services website should be the starting resource to accomplish this. Log on to their website at and browse through the sections pertaining to nursing homes. Read up on their regulations on patient assessments, treatment, facility, and nutrition. Gather the requirements needed to get the necessary licenses for your nursing home. At the top of their list of requirements is that the owner or administrator of the nursing home will need certain qualifications and licenses in order to get the license for the business approved. Do what needs to be done and apply for the necessary licenses. If you are not qualified as an administrator or owner, form a corporation and include someone qualified to represent the corporation in the business.

Find a good location. Check with the regulations of the state where you plan to locate your nursing home. The requirement and regulations vary from state to state. However, a common requirement for a location would be a sanitary place with a sort of park surrounding the home. The park should be well shaded with trees. Walkways should be all around and accessible for people in wheelchairs. Make sure to find a location that will be suitable based on the regulations of the particular state.

Market your nursing home. As soon as you get all the licenses required and have built or renovated the home, your next task is to market the services of your nursing home. Showcase your nursing homes to the media, healthcare professionals, and the staff and administrators of the nearby hospitals and clinics. Provide them a private tour of the facilities and give them a sample of the care you can provide to prospective patients.

Build relationships with healthcare providers and professionals. If you want your new business to boom, then you will need to open up and foster a good relationship with the various healthcare providers that will provide you the bulk of your revenue. Medicare and Medicaid should be at the top of your list. Make sure to attract doctors accredited with these healthcare professionals to provide medical and dental services to your patients and residents.

Sooner or later, with a good amount of marketing, PR, and top class operations, you should begin to see an influx of new senior citizens signing in to reside in your nursing home. Make sure you provide the much needed healthcare at the highest quality possible to ensure that they will be happy. You can easily rack up revenue if your services are topnotch.


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