How To Open a Nursing Home Investigation

Placing your old parents or grandparents in a nursing home is always a tough choice to make, especially if you consider the many news articles concerning how some nursing homes are being run. Let's face it, most nursing homes are really run like a business rather than a home to care for the elderly. Although, there are a number of nursing homes that provide topnotch healthcare to the elderly, a lot of them are really poorly managed and stink of incompetence and greed.

When you do decide to place your loved ones in a home, you usually do the due diligence to ensure that they will be happy and content living in that home. However, even a topnotch nursing home can have problems. Maybe not as bad as those that are poorly run, but they still do have issues that will threaten the happiness and contentment of your pappy. Should any of these problems come to light, here are some steps that you can take to open a nursing home investigation and resolve the problem.

Observe and study. If you are hearing major issues of abuse or neglect in the nursing home that threatens and degrades the care for the people residing in it, then you will need to dig a little deeper. Observe the home and note down anything out of the ordinary in its operations and managements. If possible, do not let anyone know that you are observing so that they will go on with the daily routines of operations. Interview the residents of the home and ask them about the problems the experience and if the staff or administrator is doing a good job in caring for them. Note everything you see and hear down in detail. Include the dates and times when these issues or problems happened.

Join the family council. Every nursing home will have a family council that consists of members that are relatives of some of the residents. Join this group and discuss these problems. The council may hold an investigation internally and resolve any issues with the administration of the home. The family council may confirm some of your observations and hunches as well, which can lead you to pursue more drastic steps.

Meet with the administrator. The first thing that you should do if you think the operations and management of the nursing home has gone too far and the problems and issues are constantly happening is to meet and speak with the administrator. Discuss the problems and issued you observed or heard from the residents. If the problem is a onetime thing, then a short talk with the administrator should suffice to resolve it and ensure that it does not happen again. If the issue regularly and constantly occurs, then you can discuss it with him and let him know that you are aware of it. This can tip the scales and make them act to resolve the problem. Make sure to make the minutes of the meeting and log everything discussed and the resolutions that the administrator has promised.

Send a complaint to policing authorities. Should your complaints fall on deaf ears and the issues and problems still continue, then your next course of action would be to bring the matter to the higher authorities. Write a letter enumerating the problems in the nursing home and send it to the US Department of Health and Human Services. You may send the complaint electronically if you prefer by logging into their website, and looking for the relevant email where you can send you complaint to. This should reach them and a formal investigation will surely occur.

If you have done everything in your power and the problems are still there, then your last option will be to take your loved one out of there and place him in a better nursing home. Recommend the move to the other people residing in the home as well.


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