How To Open a Pet Boarding Kennel

One of the most interesting, fun, and profitable businesses nowadays is a pet boarding kennel. A pet boarding kennel is actually a business where you can leave your dog or any other pet with them while you travel or go on a trip. They will groom, feed, and take care of your pet based on your specifications and on the standards of pet care. If there is no pet boarding kennel nearby and you have plenty of friends and neighbors that have pets, then it may be a good and profitable idea to open your own pet boarding kennel. Here are some of the things that you will need to know to start the venture.

Find out the various regulations in your area. The very first thing that you should do if you really are interested in opening your very own pet boarding kennel business is to visit your town hall or municipal office and check the various regulations and restrictions in opening this type of business. Gather all the information, requirements, and application forms needed to comply with the regulations as well as register for the business.

Consider franchising. If you really don't want the hassle of doing the legwork and building your own brand name, then you may want to consider franchising a reputable pet boarding kennel brand or business. Camp bow wow USA and Pet Pals are some of the premier brands in the pet boarding business. Check their websites out and find out the requirements, expenses, and benefits of applying for a franchise. Since they are already a known brand and have everything organized and perfected, you should be able to put up shop with less hassle and time.

Determine the capacity of your kennel. This aspect of the business will really have to start on finding the best location for you kennel. You will want a space that is easily accessible but not in a very congested area. You will want the location to be near residential and commercial areas but not to near that they can hear the barks and chirps of the animals in your kennel. Once you find a suitable location, decide on the capacity of the kennel. A kennel capacity ranging from 6 to 20 is a good number to toil with. The more kennels you have, the more potential revenue you will rake in.

Set the place up. Once the location is secure and all the permits and licenses have been approved, it is time to set the kennel up. This depends on the building in the location however; most kennels will use a room inside the building to house the various cages for the pets that will stay there. Set up and install cages big enough for these animals to move around comfortably. Get a professional to do this for you. Make sure to place standard matting and beddings for the different cages based on the type of pets that you will accommodate. Set up a separate room to store food and medical equipment. Once everything, you may want to hire some staff. Make sure to have a vet on call ready to service you if a situation warrants it.

Advertise and market. Once the set up is done and you are ready to open the business, create a website and use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to market your website and services. Hand out flyers and stick posters all around your area as well. Going to pet stores and veterinarians and asking them to refer pet owners to them should they need this type of service is another great way to get some buzz started about your business.

If your service is topnotch, your customers will always keep coming back bringing their furry friends for a hotel stay in your kennel. Aggressive marketing is the key to ensure people will know about your business and the type of service you have. Sooner or later, by word of mouth, your name should spread like wildfire among pet owners in your area.


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