How To Open a Pizza Place

A pizza place or restaurant can be a lucrative business most of the time simple because most people love eating pizza. If your pizzas are that good, you will surely have people lining up just to taste a slice of your specialty. However, opening a pizza place or restaurant is not that simple. It takes planning, money, and a little legwork. To start one up, make sure that you are familiar with the different aspects of the business and how to start one.

Apply and secure the necessary licenses and permits. All restaurants, regardless of cuisine, will only be able to open for business if they have the necessary license and permits. Acquiring a food and beverage license should be at the top of your priority. You will need a Federal Identification number, Employer Identification number, state tax number, and other permits required in your city and state. Inquire about these and get the necessary forms for them.

Create a business plan. As soon as you are familiar with the permits needed and the fees you will incur when acquiring them, create a business plan that will detail the goals, objectives, capital needed, and projected financials of opening your own pizza place. To complete the business plan with accurate and realistic figures, you will need to do a little research about the pizza place business. Observe existing pizza restaurants in your area and see what equipment they use, the pricing for their food, the recipe and ingredients used, and other details of the business to get an idea on how much it will cost. You may want to ask other pizza place owners for tips and strategies in opening and operating pizza place as well. Once you gather the data, start developing your business plan.

Select a location. Find a suitable location that can accommodate a kitchen and the dining area. Make sure you have space for bathrooms as well. Choose a location near commercial and residential areas so that people can dine in, take out, or have pizzas delivered to their office or home.

Purchase the equipments, tools, and furniture. Based on the budget you made in your business plan, purchase the necessary things needed to run your pizza place. A couple of pizza ovens, an industrial refrigerator, a dough maker, rolling machine, and stove are some of the important equipment that you will need for your venture. Don’t forget to buy cooking tools and dining cutlery as well. Chairs, tables, a point of sale cash register, and beverage dispensers are other things a pizza place must have. If you plan on delivering to offices and homes, purchase a couple of motorcycles or bicycles at least. Remember to purchase an initial supply of ingredients like the dough, vegetables, and meat.

Renovate the place and hire staff
. Make sure to hire a few people to cook your pizzas, serve your customers, and deliver the pizzas. You will need to renovate the place as well. Hire an architect or interior designer to get your place into shape.

Advertise and market your restaurant. A few weeks before your grand opening, start distributing flyers and pamphlets regarding your pizza restaurant. Make sure to include the date of your opening, address of your establishment, and the various flavors of pizza that you will be serving. Boost your marketing with ad placements in food magazines and newspapers. Radio and TV ads will significantly help your efforts if you have the dough to invest in it. Invite media people and food critics to your grand opening so that they can write about your food in the various publications that they work for.

Make sure to create delicious and tasty pizzas and sell them at reasonable rates to encourage people to come back for more. For your grand opening, you may want to release a buy one, take one, promotion to encourage people to purchase and try out the many selections in your menu.


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