How To Open a Security Business

The demand for security is on the rise, in a world that more people are considering to be threatening.  Personal security, home security, and security for businesses is needed, so it is a very good time to open a security business.  If this is your plan, take these steps to be successful.

First, seek the financing you will need to open the business.  Today, security is high-tech, with the use of expensive equipment.  Financing will allow you to get the gear you need, and stock equipment to sell and install on jobs.

Secondly, find a location for your office, with a small amount of warehouse space.  While the location is not as important as with retail stores, it is still vital to be in a location that has good traffic and visibility, so people see your signage and know you are there.  And you want a clean, attractive office in which to meet with clients when you open a security business.

Thirdly, make sure that you have the appropriate license from the local authorities to provide home, business, and personal security.  They will likely require that you are insured or bonded, to cover any loss incurred by your clients when you are working in their homes or businesses.

Fourthly, find a wholesale distributor of the security equipment you need for the security business.  Surveillance cameras come in a variety of types, as well as video storage devices, electronic monitoring devices, wiring, and other hardware.  Work with the distributor to learn all that you can about the equipment, so that you can effectively sell your clients on the value of installing it.

The final step is to find clientele.  Choose advertising wisely.  Print ads are declining in value, according to most media experts.  Online media is growing in popularity.  Also, consider joining the Chamber of Commerce and local business networking groups.  Doing so should produce a lot of business for the cost you will incur. Hit the pavement with brochures about your services.  Visit store owners, or contact the management companies for malls, apartment buildings, and office centers.  Contact local schools, as security is a growing need there.  Also, contact builders, who will be a great source of referrals for you. Offer to pay for referrals. It takes a lot of hard work to open a security business that is successful, but the rewards can be excellent!


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