How To Open a Smoke Shop

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You have decided to start your own business. So you are looking to provide merchandise to a particular consumer, a smoker. A smoke shop can bring in a lot of profit if you offer a variety of merchandise and you have a great marketing campaign. It is now time to put your idea into action and learn how to open a smoke shop.

The first thing you will need to do is find a location. The location you choose is important. Make sure your location is easily accessible. You need to be aware of any public smoking bans in your area because this can prevent you from being able to open a smoke shop in a mall. Look for available property around coffee shops or restaurants.

If you have not decided on a name, it is now time to think of one. You will need a name for your business so you can apply for business permits and licenses. You may also think about incorporating your business.

The next thing you will need to do before opening a smoke shop is think of any special designs or features you want in your store. The key is gaining loyal customers. This is critical to your success. People who come into your smoke shop want to know they can get great products from you.  If you supply these, you'll have a solid customer base.

You will need to get accounts set up with different merchants before opening a smoke shop.  Try to negotiate the best prices you can for your supplies.  You will also need to buy cases to display your merchandise.

Get your inventory in and on your shelves. You can sell everything from body jewelry, lighters and cigarettes to adult items. Customers will have to be at least 18 to enter your smoke shop, so you can sell a little something for everyone. Sell high-end as well as mainstream products.

Depending upon your budget you may not be able to hire any employees when you first open your smoke shop. Ask friends and family to help you; if you have some funds, you may be able to trade merchandise for a couple of hours of assistance on the weekends, for example. After your business grows, you can hire someone.

It is now time to start advertising. Use social networks to spread the word about your new smoke shop. Create a website or a blog. You can also pass out gift certificates or coupons and create ads that will promote your grand opening. Word of mouth may be the best way to get people interested. If there is a university or college nearby, offer special discounts to get people in there.

More people are opening new businesses. If you are looking for a unique business to operate you should do some research, take a few online classes, and learn how to open a smoke shop. It can be a very profitable business.


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