How To Open a Spray Tan Salon

If you want to open a spray tan salon, it's best to be prepared by understanding what comprises good, general business practices first. Ever since people realized how much damage and premature aging sun tanning can do to their skin, the business of spray tan salons has increasingly become a much healthier and skin-safe option. 

Opening a spray tan salon is a great way for you to cash in on the almost $12 billion in revenue that the spa and beauty business generates annually in the United States alone.  Men and women of all ages like the healthy appearance that a tan provides, but now they prefer to have their tan professionally sprayed on rather than undergo the damaging UV rays of real sunlight.

There are two types of spray tanning options you can offer your customers.  One is the spray tan booth which is computer set to operate automatically as the client stands inside the booth. The other option is a much more personalized approach, airbrush tanning.  The process of airbrush tanning can be more lucrative, but you must have qualified personnel who have been trained to apply the spray tan onto the client, adjusting the spray for the client's individual needs.

Decide if you want your business to be located inside an already existing spa salon or health and fitness facility, which can be a good idea to extend their services and offer you a ready pool of potential spray tan clients. If you decide to have a freestanding facility, it's a smart idea to have it located in a busy downtown area or main retail district where outside signage can attract walk-in business.  You can get away with a smaller space if you are offering only airbrush tanning, but will require a larger space if you need to accommodate several automated tanning booths.

Obtain your local and state business license, along with a loan to ensure adequate start-up cash flow, as well as investment in the spray tanning equipment and supplies themselves, office furniture and computer equipment. Don't forget to include such amenities in your budget as mirrors and towels. Also investigate any sort of skincare products complementary to tanning that you can offer to clients as a value add-on. Check to see if this type of business within your area requires any special health permits.

Advertise the grand opening of your new spray tan salon with advertisements targeted at employees of businesses within a 5-mile radius of your salon.  Design a website where people can learn more about your services and sign up for a chamber of commerce membership to help market your spray tan salon and attract new customers.  Other great excellent tips can be learned through online courses in business management.


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