How To Open a Sub Shop

A sub shop is an eatery that provides quick and healthy meals to people on the go.  Most sub shops are usually located in busy urban areas and colleges where people have little time to sit down and eat.  Sub shops can be likened to fast food joints, however, a sub shop offers food choices that are much healthier than the typical fast food shop.  To open your own sub shop, take note of these business details.

  1. Write a business plan.  First things first, you will need to write a solid and accurate business plan to serve as a feasibility study and guide for your venture.  In addition, a business plan will serve as your credibility if you are seeking a loan as capital for your start up sub shop.  Make sure that the figures and details in the business plan are realistic and accurate.
  2. Look for a suitable location.  Malls, colleges, and busy urban areas are your best bets in finding a location for your sub shop that will surely be swarmed with customers.  Make sure that the location is easily accessible with ample parking spaces.  
  3. Obtain the licenses and permits.  A sub shop will be serving and selling food and beverages.  That being said, you will need to get licenses from your state’s government office as your local health inspection office to open up your business.  Aside from these, you will need to obtain a business permit from your local municipal office.  Inquire for the application forms for these and submit the necessary requirements.
  4. Purchase equipment and confirm supply.  Purchase equipment and furniture typically used by conventional sandwich shops.  Refrigerated and heated sandwich tables, refrigerators, freezers, and stoves are some of the equipments you will need for your sub shop.  Chairs and tables as well as beverage dispensers should be purchased as well.  Make sure to establish relationships with various food ingredient suppliers to constantly supply you with bread, meat, and vegetables.
  5. Set up the shop.  Get a few people to help you out to assemble and organize the place and equipments in it.  If you have the budget and want a place with sophistication, then you may want to hire an interior designer to do the job of putting the place together for you.
  6. Hire the staff.  For a start, you will need a couple of people to operate your sub shop.  A cashier and a sandwich maker.  Hire people that are competent and experienced with a tinge of social skills.  Customers will keep coming back if your staff is very accommodating and friendly.
  7. Advertise.  As soon as everything is set up, start marketing by placing some ads in newspapers and publications.  Distribute flyers around the neighborhood with your menu in it.  Make sure to deliver menus to the various offices around your place.  Start an opening promo to get more people to try your subs out.  A buy one, take one, promo may be a good idea for the initial opening of your shop.

With good sandwiches and aggressive marketing, you should begin to see regular customers on a daily basis.  Consider franchising a sub shop to make things a whole lot easier for you to start one up.  Sub shop empires like Subway offer franchises where branding will not be an issue.


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