How To Open a Tile and Carpet Business

Everybody has a dream; many desire to help others beautify their homes, making them places of comfort and pleasure for the inhabitants. One way to do this is to open a tile and carpet business, selling the many fine styles and colors of flooring available.  Before you open a business, though, it pays to do some advance preparation.

If this is your passion, here are some clearly defined steps you will need to take to make your dream a reality. We are going to assume that you have financing in place to open a tile and carpet business. If not, speaking to a lender or investor is the initial step you have to take.

The first step to open a tile and carpet business is to determine your store's general location, and look for a suitable building within that area.  In retail sales, location is preeminent. You want to find a high-traffic area, and to be on a main street if possible. When looking at buildings, keep in mind that you must have a large showroom and a significant amount of storage. Offsite storage might reduce your cost to open a tile and carpet business. Local realtors will often know of good retail space available. Once the space is located, and a lease signed or purchase made, the showroom may need work to make it functional. Space should be located at least 3 months ahead of the time you want to open a tile and carpet business.

The next step in opening a tile and carpet business is to set up wholesale accounts with manufacturers or distributors so that you have the ability to provide your customers with a full range of fine flooring. These distributors will advise you regarding the best selling items to stock, and which need to be special-ordered.  Shop around for good deals and to find suppliers that you can trust to be reliable and to have reasonable costs.

If you anticipate the need for salespeople, now is the time to begin taking applications and conducting interviews. To open a tile and carpet business, experienced sales people are a must.  You can learn how to hold interviews - and everything that goes along with effective HR management - by taking online business courses.

As the day approaches to open your doors, you will need to begin advertising. The phone book continues to be a popular form of advertising, but merchants are increasingly using the internet and direct mailing. Also, write up a news release, describing your intention to open a tile and carpet store, and submit it to local media. Get the word out, watch the customers come in, and live your dream!


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