How To Operate a Computer Repair Business

If you are naturally gifted with electronics or have taken continuing education courses in computer science, chances are you are good at repairing computers.  You might have even been trained in computer repair.  If this is the case, you may be currently working with a company as one of their computer repair technicians and you might also be interested in starting to operate your own computer repair business on the side or even full-time.  My first suggestion is to go back to school - you'll want to learn the basics of running a business before you post your first ad.

It is not that hard to operate a computer repair business if you are already working in the computer field.  If you are not already working in the computer field, then you should work as a computer repair technician for another company for at least six months.

You want a general idea of the business and how it works.  You want to see how the billing happens and what many customers are looking for in a computer repair technician.  Once you’ve got some experience under your belt, you want to start building your business.  The best thing to do is to start your business on the side and then transition into full-time if that is your ultimate desire.  You also shouldn’t steal customers from your current employer.  This is very bad business.

Next you should name your business and register it with your local government.  You should probably start out with a sole proprietorship and no employees.  As your business grows, you might want to bring in employees and incorporate, but for now a sole-proprietorship is fine.

Next you want to advertise your business.  For computer repair, you could advertise through online free classifieds sites, and fliers you distribute.  In addition, a great way to market your service to businesses is to hire a telemarketing firm to make business to business calls on your behalf.  If you can afford this sort of marketing it’s excellent for a computer repair business.  You can have the telemarketing agents call announcing your business and offer a free computer system evaluation from your company.  This can get you in a few doors, and when they’re ready they will call you when they need you!   Many will already have stuff they need done.  Telemarketing campaigns can cost anywhere from $250 a week to $5000/month.  But if you can afford it, it’s great marketing for this type of business.

When it comes to computers, you are solving problems for most people.  They don’t want to deal with the things or are afraid to.  Many office managers can’t wait to meet a reliable computer technician if they don’t have one on staff already.  You can learn more about running your own business and complying with local and federal regulations by taking some online courses in business management.


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