How To Operate a Hot Dog Cart

Today, fast food has taken root in our day-to-day life. And in the forefront of this industry are the carts that sell different kinds of food. This effective business idea, although old, is as strong as it has always been. In fact, it is one of the most stable industries right now. If you are thinking of setting up one, you should give the following ideas a thought.

Plan how and where to get your cart. Assuming that you are starting small, you can start with a two-wheeled cart first. Aside from being cheaper, it is also more portable. You can use a bicycle or motorcycle to drag it around the city. If you are planning to buy a used cart, you can buy one as cheap as $500 through the Internet but it would be better to have a brand new one. To get the cheapest carts, you may search Internet auction sites or your local auction sites. It may take a few trips here and there but at least it would be cheaper. Also, take a good look at the current condition of the cart. If it looks like it needs some repairs, think twice before buying it.

Check with your local government offices for permits. Like every other business, you need to register yours to the state or city. Be prepared to pay the fees, which may vary from city to city. If you only plan to open your cart on special events, you might want to ask the local authorities if special permits will be required. Another very important requirement is the permit from the health department. Having this permit will be much appreciated by the authorities and your customers. The department will also equip you with the right amount of information so that your business will not harm any of your customers. It is also a good idea to join several groups related to your business so that you can keep track with new policies. Although you might not prefer applying for insurance for your business, it is usually required or encouraged by most state.

Find the right location. One of the primary concerns in starting out as a hot dog cart entrepreneur is the right location. You must consider several factors like the weather, foot traffic, buildings, smells, competitions, etc. When it is very cold, most people would prefer going in restaurants. You must pick a spot that is surrounded by offices, which will flood the streets with hungry people during lunch. However, there are several things that could dissuade your customers. One is the smell. Do not pick a spot where trash bins and public comfort rooms are nearby. You might also want to choose a location that has minimal contact with competitors. The fewer the competitors, the more customers you can have.

Make your hot-dogs unique. If you make your product more memorable, it keeps customers coming back. You can serve it in varieties. If you feel that there is a significant number of Asians in the area, you may sell it with rice instead of a bun. If you have your grandma’s secret sauce recipe, you can use that. Tell as many people as you can that you have a secret but never tell anyone the ingredients. This mystifies your product especially if it is good.

Now that you are in line with the facts of the hot dog cart business, you can begin building your business if you are still interested.


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