How To Order a Custom Envelope Size

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Envelopes are rectangular-shaped items commonly used to hold flat objects like letters, bills and cards. It is usually made of materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic. The primary use of an envelope is to provide packaging and storage for letters. This is to ensure that the letter is protected when shipped through mail.

The first commercial envelope was created by William Irwin Martin in 1876. He differentiated the sizes through the use of numbers from 0 to 12. Nowadays, the standard sizes are designated with the use of a modern and universal format. The commonly used format is the monarch, with dimensions of 3 7/8 x 7 1/2.

Custom size envelopes are beginning to be more popular than the standard envelopes. Custom square envelopes are mostly used as invitation envelopes and personalized card envelopes. Bubble envelopes are a type of custom envelope that serves as a protective packaging for small and delicate items.

Here are the ways on how to order custom-sized envelopes.

  1. Browsing through the Internet is one good way of checking where to look for places that sell custom-sized envelopes. The Web site is a great place to glance through. They have made-to-order envelopes which you can customize on their Web site. You can specify and modify the quantity, the size, the type of paper, the method of sealing and other printing options. Their wide array of envelope templates will provide you with what you are looking for. They also have the finest envelope printers to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products.
  2. Going through local specialty shops is another way to look for custom-sized envelopes. A good example of this is the Florida Envelope Company in Tampa, Florida. Their state of the art printing and manufacturing facility has kept them in business for several years now. They assure their customers of their promptness in deliveries without sacrificing quality. Some of their popular products include hotel key envelopes, credit card envelopes, peel and seal envelopes and metallic envelopes.
  3. Most large-scale envelope companies are now investing in creating custom-sized envelopes. American Printing and Envelope Company or APEC is one of the top paper and envelope sellers in the US. With their wide array of products, there is surely a custom envelope that will fit your needs. Being in the industry since 1935, they have established quality and satisfaction. They also have a wide selection of discounted envelopes that will surely leave you an option.
  4. Checking out the directory for shops that sell custom-sized envelopes can also be a nice idea. There are great specialty shops that still advertise in the papers. Give them a call and ask for the products they can offer. Try calling several shops and compare what they can offer and ask what their prices are. In this way, not only will you get what you want, you can also ensure it will be worth your time and money.

Knowing the places where to get custom-sized envelopes is easy. You just have to be specific about your preference and they will give you what you need.


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