How To Organize a Grand Opening

Any new business will make a lot of buzz through a fantastic grand opening. This will make your prospective customers know that you are open for business and the services or products you offer. This is especially significant for the community around you as these will serve as your initial customer base. A well organized grand opening will provide added publicity and a direct marketing approach to your market. This can jump start your sales and your business will definitely benefit from a loyal customer community.

Planning. At least a month before your opening, you should have already planned out your grand celebration. Get your team together and start making lists. The lists will consist of the things you need for the event, the market and people you will invite, and the marketing efforts you will need to spread the word. Along with these lists, plan out the entertainment and theme of the event. One of the more innovative ways to open with a bang is to host a grand opening with a charitable cause in the middle. An example would be to announce and advertise that 50% of the income for the day will be given to a particular charitable institution. In any case, make sure that you and your team covers all the bases.

Budgeting. A grand opening will definitely be costly. The costs and expenses for this affair should come out of your marketing budget. The more you spend on it the better the results. Make sure to set aside an ample budget for this event.

Marketing. To spread the word about your grand opening is much more than just hanging a banner in your office or event area. To make it successful, you will need to be more aggressive in informing your target market. Create posters, flyers, and banners and start placing them at strategic locations around the community. The higher foot or car traffic, the better. Invest in local TV, newspaper, and radio advertisements. It may be costly but it can go a long way. Organize a team to do a phone and email brigade sending out invites. Hand out flyers and go door to door if need be. The Internet is another great medium to use for free publicity. Use Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to spread the word.

Inviting. Send out invitations to your business partners and VIPs. Don’t forget to send invites to media groups and newspapers so that they can cover the event and maybe even publish a couple of press releases.

Entertaining. The grand opening needs to be a lively and fun affair. Hire a band or a celebrity to grace the occasion. This may cost a bit of coin but will definitely be worth it. You can include the name of the celebrity or band in the advertisements and invites. The bigger the celebrity, the more people will come.

Catering. If you plan to serve food and drinks, make sure that you splurge on this. Good food and drink will always sit well with the public. This will increase the buzz about your event and may spread like wildfire.

During the grand opening, focus on highlighting and displaying your products and brands. Prepare an audio-visual presentation that will introduce your company and brands to the public. This should be the focal point of your opening.


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