How To Outreach for a Non-Profit Organization

Outreaching is basically marketing and advertising to a wide and diverse audience. It can tackle relevant issues that need awareness and support from various organizations, corporations and individuals. It promotes the activities of an organization and engages others to support and become members or volunteer for local projects being undertaken by an organization.

Participating in an outreach program for a non-profit organization can bring you rich personal rewards. The rewards are not financial, rather they are more a personal appreciation of one’s worth, doing a worthwhile task for a good cause, giving you confidence to meet new people and discuss specific issues that you believe in and gives you the feeling of personal achievement knowing the your outreach program will be helping more people. Here are some tips that you can apply to outreach for a non-profit organization.

  1. This is volunteer work so do not expect to be paid. Look for a non-profit organization whose goals and activities are things that you believe in. You will work harder and feel more confident if you know what you are talking about and the subject is something that you know and like.
  2. Define the target audience you would like to reach. You may have specific targets in mind or you may want to target a wider audience to create more impact. Whichever types of people and groups you want to address and capture, your sales pitches should be tailor-fit to the audience. Do your own research to find out more about the groups, associations and corporations that you wish to tap, the best ways to approach them and the other non-profit organizations that they support.
  3. If you have a personal website, you may want to use it to make your announcements on the activities of the non-profit organization and put in your appeals for support. You can provide a link to the non-profit organization’s own website to increase credibility and where they can send their donations and pledges directly.
  4. You can also volunteer to provide a small website dedicated to the causes and projects that you espouse and invite volunteers and interested people to sign in and be a member to increase your indirect networking circle.
  5. Be active in the community that the non-profit organization is in, and maximize every opportunity to advertise, market and appeal for support for the projects being conducted and will be conducted by the non-profit organization.
  6. Join festivals, events and community affairs where a big audience is expected to attend. Use this opportunity to announce the activities of the non-profit organization, introduce it to more people, and ask them for support. You can set up a booth where they can avail of forms to fill up. Get authorization from the non-profit organization or get one of their representatives to be present in the booth and ready to receive donations from walk-in donors. Set up contact information. pick-up locations and schedule for material donations.
  7. Use the various social networking sites to introduce the non-profit organizations, announce their past, current and future activities and include how other people can join and be a volunteer to help in the outreach campaign, be a donor, a sponsor or a supporter wherein they can also make announcements and donate some of their personal web spaces for the cause.
  8. Connect with other volunteers and see what campaign materials are available to be used. Newsletters and fliers are effective for outreach campaigns. Carry a bunch of fliers with you that you can hand out when you are in the bus, in the park and other friendly areas where you can freely distribute these fliers. Most commercial establishments will not allow you to distribute fliers to their customers.

Use all the available means within your reach to promote the non-profit organization. Make use of relatives and friends and get them to enlist the help of their friends’ friends to increase your supporter base. Be transparent in all your activities to dispel any doubts about your intentions and reasons for doing outreach for a non-profit organization.


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