How To Outsource Telemarketing to Canada

Telemarketing is one of the major services being offered by call centers all over the world. Call center staff handling outbound telemarketing calls are highly trained in customer persuasion. They are patient and persistent and skilled in customer service. Call centers offering telemarketing services employ multilingual telemarketing agents to provide service to international clients.

Canada is one BPO destination that is very competitive when it comes to telemarketing service. It has a large pool of trained and educated talent located in all the provinces of the country. They share geographical and cultural proximity with the United States and are familiar with most American industries. Canada has niche call center service groups that make it an ideal, globally competitive location for telemarketing. It has a stable and solid IT and telecom infrastructure that is required by the industry. The call center industry in Canada is backed by provincial and federal funding to develop call centers locally, which provided employment opportunities for a large number of educated labor force, keeping their rates lower.

Outsourcing telemarketing services to Canada is a good decision, as international call centers are making Canada their base for nearshoring.

  1. Define the type of telemarketing services you need. Is your requirement for lead generation, for product and service sales? Will you be doing research and customer surveys, demographic profiling or election polling? Are you engaged in mystery shopping and doing upselling as well as cross-selling?
  2. Make a short list of established and known Canadian call centers that offer the type of telemarketing service you require.
  3. Call each center in your shortlist and ask for a business proposal. Request for company background information, financial information, management profile, as well as customer referrals and testimonials.
  4. Get in touch with some of their clients and inquire about their experiences in dealing with a particular call center, the manner in which they deliver their service, their reporting system and their rates.
  5. Look for a call center with telemarketing experience on the type of service you require. Make sure that their agents are knowledgeable and considered experts in the topics they will handle for you.
  6. Check the size of the call center and make sure they are willing to handle your volume requirement. If you require multilingual speakers, ensure that their specialized agents speak all major languages. Check their computer and telecom system in place. These should be at par with industry standard software and hardware.
  7. Compare their pricing scheme, their reporting system and their billing process. Some will offer a fixed monthly rate, some will base it on output and quotas, and some will ask you for a percentage representing commissions.
  8. Ask them to prepare their telemarketing script and review each one. Ask for a recorded version so you will know how the sales pitch will sound when the agents begin their telemarketing calls. Let them know if you want accent-less or neutral English or their natural accent will suffice. Canadians have a slightly distinctive accent than American English speakers.

With the available skilled talent pool, Canada is a favorable location for outsourced telemarketing service. Canadian call centers can provide you the same type of services for much less and give you huge savings and fewer headaches.


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