How To Patent a Good Idea

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Ideas never run out, and every now and again we tend to imagine something or even invent it. But what if someday you show your great invention to one of your colleagues and later on find out that the invention you have worked on for so many years had been stolen by that colleague? Are you going back to square one and try to think of something better than your first idea? Or just wish that you would've invented a time machine that will bring you back to the past and patent the idea that you have worked upon? 

The main idea here is to make sure that this idea that you've worked so hard on will not get stolen by somebody else. To do that, you will need to patent this great idea of yours. But how can you do that? Let's start with the basics.

What does a patent give you? A patent gives you the right to own your idea, protection. It grants exclusive rights to your idea, guaranteed by your federal government. It only works for a limited time though. It's not easy, because first you have to make sure that this idea of yours is new and marketable. And that this idea of yours will benefit society. It gives you an exclusive right as a patentee to prevent somebody else from copying, selling, distributing or in any other way using your idea or invention without permission. 

How do you make your product saleable? A lot of things should be taken into consideration for you to be able to create a good, marketable idea:

  • Is your idea new? You have to make sure that nobody else has come up with the same idea as yours. It's also possible to improve an invention and turn it into something better, either more convenient or cheaper but better. 

  • Is it marketable? You also have to make sure that your idea or invention has a market. Ideally it is something that every individual would love to get their hands on.

  • Is it cheap? Sometimes great inventions or ideas come too pricey, so you have to make sure that your target market could get your idea or buy your invention without sweat. Doing so will lead to more demand for your product.

To patent your idea, it is best for you to communicate with a law firm and inquire about patenting. Make sure that the law firm is trusted and they have established a strong reputation. Some of the invention marketing companies are a scam, and when they ask you to pay a huge sum of fees, it may be the sign that they are just getting money out of you.

So before you regret getting your idea stolen, it would be best for you to get your idea patented.


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