How To Pick a Good Office Chair

If you work in an office, then you can appreciate a good office chair. Since you sit on it all day long, it pays to invest a little time and thought into what makes an office chair ideal. These guidelines will help you decide how to pick a good office chair.

Step 1

Choose a chair with the correct height for you. Each office chair should be personalized for the person who will be sitting in it. So when you are picking an office chair, a good one will have its height adjusted to your height. The seat should be at the perfect height so that your feet hit the ground flat at a 90˚ angle. And the back of the chair should be such that the headrest is perfectly aligned with the back of your head.

Step 2

Pick a chair with good support. Not all office chairs are made equal, especially when it comes to back support. You know your back best, so only you can decide what type of support your chair needs to have. If you like a soft, cushy chair back, choose an office chair that has this. On the other hand, if your back pains easily, perhaps you would prefer a good office chair that has rigid support and positions your body upright. Sit in a few chairs to get an idea of how your body would be positioned all day. You don't want to be angled backwards (even slightly), since this will strain your neck and put your hands at an awkward angle for typing (both of which are not ergonomically correct). If the back support feels good and the chairs puts you in a good, ergonomical position for typing and writing at your desk, then it's likely a good office chair for you.

Step 3

Choose a chair with adjustable armrests. Every office chair needs the ability to adjust not only the seat and the back, but also the armrests. This is important so that your chair will fit under your desk (obviously you don't want to sit far from your computer), and so that you can adjust the armrests to a comfortable position for you (again, based on your height.)

Step 4

Find an office chair that tilts. Office chairs that have little mobility will quickly leave you with a sore back and take your focus away from your work. It pays to invest a bit more in a chair that has the ability to tilt forward and backward so that you are able to adjust your body position throughout the day. This will help you to relieve stress on your back and your spine, which is important to overall back health. If your office chair can tilt, raise and lower, and has the ability to adjust just about every part of it, then it's a good office chair for you.


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