How To Pick Products to Offer for Limited Time Only

Offering items for a limited time only is a great marketing tool that can help you generate great income and sales, while clearing out products in your inventory that have been selling poorly in the past. Of the many items in your shop, however, choosing which products to sell with a limited time only offer can be daunting. Here’s how to choose the items to put on sale.

  1. Popularity. Products that are popular but which are too expensive to be purchased by most consumers are great in limited time only sales. Discounting the products by just a few percentages will usually give the consumers the idea that they will be saving up a great deal of money by availing of the limited time only offer. the small discount and limited time only factor will also make the buyers feel like they have gotten the better end of a deal.
  2. Bulk items. Items that are offered in bulk are also great for limited time only promos. Bulk items are usually great for consumers since these products are often sold at a lower price. However, a lot of people still feel intimidated by the big initial price to pay for the bulk products. By adding a limited time only promo that comes with small discounts or “buy one take one offers,” you give the consumers the extra push they need to finally commit themselves to the bulk items.
  3. Seasonal items. Seasonal items are those that eventually lose their popularity. Examples are fashion items and toys that are heavily advertised for a given season, such as Christmas. Once the season has expired, people will lose interest in these things. Once the interest in these have gone out, the stock inventory can go untouched for a long time. Prevent this by discounting and offering the items in limited time only promos. Apart from clothes and toys, you should also look at certain foods that will expire within a couple of months. You can sell these at a limited time only discount so that you can refresh the inventory before the stocks perish.
  4. Children and teens products. Another soft spot that consumers have are good that are catered for children and teens. People tend to buy more and spend more for their children than they would for themselves. By simply adding a limited time only promo on kids and teens items, you will be giving the consumers the extra push they need to splurge and indulge their kids.
  5. Interest products. Finally, consider interest products such as collectibles. Collectibles appeal to a large number of people, but most will reserve their money for a rainy day. by giving the collectibles a limited time only offer, you can push the consumers to splurge and purchase the collectibles without feeling guilty for spending too much.

A little discount and a little limited time only offer will have its costs, but it can generate the massive sales and customer traffic that can be beneficial for your business in the long run.


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