How To Pitch Your New Business Plan or Idea

From Microsoft and Google to Coca Cola and Burger King, all successful businesses started out as business plans and ideas. If you think that you have the next great business idea that will rake in the money, pitching it to your company is the next big step to take. If you know how to pitch your idea correctly, your idea will have a better chance of being considered as the next company move.

Make yourself presentable. In business, never forget that you are presenting not only the idea but yourself as well. Corporate folks are very conscious when it comes to details such as how you dress yourself, how you speak, your posture, and how you present your ideas. Corporate bosses are looking for people who have the potential to be like them, the potential to be a leader. If you come into the meeting looking untidy and unkempt, your idea will not be well received, even if it is a good one.

Research on your audience. Next, think about the strengths, weaknesses, and the characteristics of your audience. In this case, your audience is the company that you are trying to sell the idea to. You should do some research on the types of businesses that the company has already started in the past, what industries they are involved in, what help they can provide, what issues offend them, and what they like in a product. Doing some research on your audience will help you tailor your speech to their specific tastes. Some companies prefer traditional business ideas, for example, while others like being trend setters that forge the path ahead. Each type of company should be handled and approached differently.

Show the before and after situation. Improvement in terms of the market and the company itself should be the key theme in your presentation. You should elaborate on the present situation of both the market and the company, and then insert your business idea and how it can chance the market to suit the company. You should illustrate clearly how your business idea can help the company improve. If the business idea cannot help the company grow or expand, the company heads will find no reason to pick up the idea.

Give details only when asked. Try to summarize the business idea as concisely as possible. Create a thesis statement out of your business idea and try to incorporate it as many times as possible – without sounding too repetitive – into your speech. This should be the main component of your business pitch. Avoid other details such as the budget, the risks, and the cons unless the panel asks.

Finally, practice your speech in front of family and friends. After presenting your speech to your friends, ask them to comment and criticize, and allow them to ask their own questions. This will help you figure out what parts of your presentation are weak and what parts of your business idea will most likely be questioned. By practicing, you should be able to prepare your defense beforehand.


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