How To Place an Ad on Craigslist

In the past, people usually advertised in local newspapers. Today, however, you can use the internet to post your advertisements. Craigslist is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the internet today. Not only will you be able to create your custom advertisements for free, but you also have a massive readership because of the hundreds of cities and countries that are included in Craigslist. Here’s how you can post your ad.

Choose location. In the Craigslist homepage, you will see the list of the major cities in the United States, countries, and international cities that have their own bulletin boards in Craigslist. Choose your own location by clicking the link that is closest to your own area. If you are in a foreign country and cannot find the city or province where you are living in, you can suggest to Craigslist so that the city may be added. Otherwise, simply choose the nearest city.

Post Classified. Once you are in your specific location’s posting area, look at the control panel found on the left side of the browser screen. You will notice a link that is labeled as Post Classified. Click on this link that will direct you to the instructions for posting a link. Make sure that you already have an account in Craigslist to be able to post advertisements. If you do not have an account yet, this is the time to create your account. The accounts can be made for free.

Categorizing your post. You need to categorize the post that you are making. First, you need to identify whether you are posting a resume or looking for a job, or if you are posting an advertisement. Next, identify the section where the posting will be placed. Keep in mind that there are plenty of advertisements in Craigslist, including personals for men and women. Make sure that you have carefully categorized your post, since misplaced posts can be deleted. Even more importantly, Craigslist users will not be able to identify and locate your posts, which mean that nobody will be able to read and respond to your advertisement.

Write your advertisement. Once you have categorized the post, write down the advertisement itself. You need to create a catchy title that will hook visitors to read your advertisement. You should also follow the format laid out in Craigslist, and aim to get a detailed advertisement with a clear message.

Review. After you write down the advertisement, check it and review the advertisement for errors. Once you are satisfied with the advertisement, you can continue with the posting. You will find a Terms of Service dialog box that you will need to agree into. Afterwards, wait for a confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. Use this email to go to Craigslist and publish the final advertisement.

With online services such as Craigslist, posting your advertisements for free and getting massive readership for each post is easy. These steps should help you get your advertisement published quickly and easily.


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