How To Plan a Customer Appreciation Day

Customers are your very own assets. Without them your business will not thrive or survive. Thus every business person should know the value of customers and the need to appreciate them. One way of showing your clients that they are of importance to your company is by hosting a customer appreciation day. The following are tips to help you plan this special event for your highly esteemed customers.

  1. Plan months before your scheduled event. This will help you organize all you need to run the event starting from the budget, advertisements, promotional products or specialty items, guests, to refreshments.
  2. Decide when to schedule the event and for how long. Some businesses celebrate the event annually on the same day the establishment is celebrating its anniversary. That could be a great idea to cut down cost on celebration expenses still you can choose to set another day that is exclusively for making customers feel highly appreciated. It is usually a one day event but merchants can opt to extend the occasion for several days.
  3. Slash down your prices. It is the perfect time to give discounts or especially affordable financing terms. If yours is a retail business, a ‘buy one, take one free’ or 10 to 50 percent off on various items will be very appealing.
  4. Advertise your event. Place ads on your business premises. Indicate the day, time, and event. If the location is not within your establishment, clearly specify the venue. Advertise on the local dailies, radio, and the Internet. Not only are you getting your existing customers’ attention but you are attracting potential customers as well  If you have a website which is a necessary element in businesses today, highlight the event on your homepage. Send invitations if needed, especially for corporate clients and your most loyal customers.
  5. Prepare specialty items or giveaways. Some businesses have jackets, shirts, bags, caps, umbrellas, and other novelty items available to priced customers. Have your logo or business information imprinted on the items. Mugs, pens, key chains, and the like are also great giveaway ideas.
  6. Prepare food and entertainment. Depending on your location or setting, you can serve food and various forms of entertainment. You can provide finger foods, sandwiches, and sodas. Prepare special treats for children as some customers may bring their kids along. If your event is sort of an evening gala you can also provide a special dinner. You can also invite local artists or celebrities to grace the event depending on your budget and how big the celebration is.

Customer appreciation day can also be an opportunity for other businesses to showcase their trade. You can invite other merchants like those in the food industry to showcase new products that they can provide to your customers for free or on discounted prices. If you have a latest addition to your line of products it is also a very timely opportunity to promote it. Whatever it is that you wish to incorporate in this event, remember that your ultimate target is to convey your appreciation to your valued guests. It must be a special way of saying thank you for their consistent patronage and that you wish to continue doing good business with them in the years to come.


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