How To Plan Your Print Newsletter

Advertising is what is going to make you profit, but without a well-planned print newsletter, your advertising message won't be effective. Plan out how your print newsletter will look, what you'll include in it and how you'll complete the print newsletter before you begin. Follow this process on how to plan you print newsletter.

Step 1

Pull together all of your graphics. Before you being your print newsletter, you need to plan out what graphics you will include in it. Gather all photos, artwork, logos, and charts that need to be included in your print newsletter. Look for informative graphics that support your print newsletter focus, or ones that you know you can match with a quote to prove a point.

Step 2

Lay out your page. Readers don't want to be faced with a novel when they pick up your print newsletter. So it's a good idea to lay out where your text and graphics will go on the page. Absolutely no large sections of text should be visible in your print newsletter. Instead, break up text with graphics. Use small boxes to restate important points from the body of your print newsletter. These are highly effective in informing the newsletter reader who only prefers to ‘skim' to be informed.

Step 3

Choose the right color strategy. Black and white is not an attractive color scheme for a print newsletter. Sure, it will work in a pinch. But color is so much more appealing and eye-catching for the reader. Even if you only include one or two colors, it will make a huge difference in the overall success of your print newsletter. You may also want to look for colored paper, instead of printing in color. Know that your graphics will look 100% better on your print newsletter if they have some color to them. Accept the added cost of this as insurance that more people are going to read your print newsletter.

Step 4

Go with a high-quality printer. The more dots-per-inch (dpi) that your printer has, the better quality your print newsletter will be. You can usually purchase more professional quality printers that provide up to 1200 dpi for around $100. Or, you can consider taking your newsletter to a professional to be printed in bulk.

Step 5

Decide if digital is the way to go. Instead of printing your print newsletters, you also have the options of saving them in digital format and distributing them to your clients or audience via email or website. This is a huge cost-saving strategy, although you are not guaranteed that your print newsletter won't go to the junk email box and never be seen. Sometimes a tangible print newsletter is more effective at reaching its intended audience.

Once you've got your print newsletter planned, you can begin to fill in the body of it. Include information and facts in easy-to-read language, and don't make your page look too busy. Write in the third person and be sure to use only 1 or 2 fonts to ensure that your print newsletter is easy to read.


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