How To Practice Business Etiquette in the United Arab Emirates

The world is composed of many different cultures and traditions. People of every nation have a unique perception of things. So if you are out of your own country to do business with people in a foreign land, you are advised to learn their culture and business etiquette to surely win their positive appraisal. Through this, you can also build professional relationships with the foreign businessmen you are meeting. This is especially important if you are going to the United Arab Emirates. Here are some proper business etiquette tips that you can follow:

  • Appearance. Do not wear native clothing, as foreigners who wear traditional clothes are perceived to be offensive in most instances. Men are advised to always wear jacket and tie when going to business meetings. Men are also not encouraged to wear visible jewelries, especially around the neck. Meanwhile, women are expected to wear high necklines with sleeves that go to the elbows at least. Pants for women are discouraged.
  • Behavior. Oftentimes, shoes are removed before entering an edifice. Do this if your host led you. Avoid pointing at another person as this may be viewed offensive. Avoid crossing your legs when sitting and showing the bottom of your feet or shoes as well. Do not make the “thumbs up” gesture, as some native people can wrongly perceive this. When giving gifts, make sure no to give stuff like alcohol, pigskin products, knives, nude images, and personal items like underwear.
  • Communications. Avoid talking about Israel or anything about women. You can make your greeting by saying “As-salam alaikum,” which means peace be upon you. If you are given this greeting, then you can respond with "Wa alaikum as-salam," which also means upon you be peace. Do not be pressured when silence fills the air as communications for them is often times slow.
  • Meetings. Take note that Islamic culture highly values order and structure. Therefore, before you face your Arabian clients, you should prepare with you a clear plan for your meeting. Conveying your plan in the most organized way will not only demonstrate your organization but as well as your knowledge of Arabian values and culture.
  • Translations. If your Arabian clients are not good in speaking English, then you should get an Arabic interpreter during your business meeting. With this, it is also helpful if you are going to provide Arabic translation of every document you will present to them during the meeting. Both of these ways will not only facilitate a clear communication between you and your Arab business partners, these will provide them an impression that you are also willing to take an extra mile for them.

Wherever you go, practicing the right business etiquette should be your prime goal. And keeping this goal in mind will help you attain your target for your business if you are going to Arabic countries because observing business etiquette is very much important to them. So with the above tips, you are guaranteed to attain your business goal just before you fly back to your native land.


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