How To Prepare for a Banquet Service

Coordinating or putting together a banquet service requires experience, know-how, and physical energy. You need to take note of all the necessary components. You have to be meticulous, as missing one particular item is surely going to affect your entire plan. It could trigger a domino-effect, and everything that you have imagined to be perfect could quickly become chaotic and dreadful. So, if you are pressured to look after the faultless planning, from the exemplary selection of the menu to the impeccable arrangement of the front-of-house service, here are some practical pointers to address: 

Study your menu plan. Begin by listing all the dishes you wish to have in your banquet table. You may even draw out two listings. One would enumerate the specialties you could cook by yourself. The other, the selections the caterer could provide for you. If you would opt to create two listings, don’t forget to consolidate them. Your initial listings would simply let you brainstorm for all the possible inclusions.

After your listing is consolidated, review the choices further. How do you want them to be organized on the banquet table? How do you intend to showcase hot and cold dishes? Do you need special setups? Do you have to provide extra utensils and equipments? If organizing the choices becomes tedious, coming up with a “concept” is a good measure to consider. Do you want to serve Indian cuisine? Is an Asian motif feasible? What about some Mediterranean specialties? Once your “concept” is determined, concentrate on the specific items to be put together. Two or three hot dishes would be ideal. Then, match them with five side dishes or salad choices plus two dessert selections. Consider how your guests would be lining up when they partake your dishes. Find ways to avoid overcrowding your table. You should also not overwhelm your dear guests with a lot of choices.

Organize your team
. A banquet service is obviously not a one-man job. You need to be helped by the right people. You could pool some of your trusted and dedicated family members, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Find out who among them are familiar in handling food service. If some of them are already aware of what to do, concentrate on giving instructions to the first-timers. Even if the assigned task is as simple as making coffee for twenty guests or so, you should take time in telling what you expect to accomplish. You don’t want to have the last-minute hassles just because you assumed everything was understood. In the end, if relying to your dearly beloveds is a logistical nightmare, you could always hire professionals. Most of the reputable caterers could readily assemble a catering staff for you. Just be specific with the tasks you need to take care of.

Have the right equipments. Although resourcefulness could solve a lot of things for you, there is no substitute in using the proper equipments. For example, you need to purchase or rent industrial-size cooking pots if you plan to cook for a hundred guests or so. You also need to provide the suitable cutlery and serving utensils if you are aiming for a formal set up.

Bear in mind that despite all your preparation, you should still expect the unexpected. If that happens, keep your cool. The situation would definitely make you more creative. Everything should be all right.


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