How To Prepare for a Meeting

Have you ever attended a meeting that instead of resolving something hasn’t resolved anything? Worse, some of these meetings add more issues to be resolved. The problem with these meetings is the preparation. Maybe someone called for a meeting without even the need of having a meeting. Or maybe someone set up a meeting to finish within a particular time yet it finished far beyond the set time.

Never make the same mistakes again by following these simple meeting preparation tips:

Make sure it’s worth having a meeting for. Why are you planning to call for a meeting, anyway? Is it something that everyone should be informed about? If yes, then maybe a newsletter is better than having a meeting. But if you need to talk with people and get their opinion, then it surely needs to be in a meeting.

Prepare notice. Inform everyone about the meeting. It can be through posting, email, SMS, or letter. Make sure you will include the venue, date, time, and agenda of the meeting. This way, everyone who needs to attend the meeting will be prepared. People might have some issues regarding your agenda or they may have some suggestions or ideas.

Prepare your materials. Run down through the meeting’s agenda. If some agenda need materials, better prepare those. Perhaps you want to introduce a new gadget or a new machine. Maybe you will propose a new business plan, then make sure you have an illustration of that plan.

Arrange the meeting’s agenda. Have the meeting agenda in a logical order. You may want to order them based on importance or urgency. You may also want to order them depending on their relevance to your past meetings.

Assign tasks. What are the things that need to be done during the meeting? Someone has to take minutes, take care of the presentation, arrange the venue, cook and serve food, and prepare the multimedia. Make sure to assign these tasks and keep updating these people to check if they are ready or if there is anything that needs assistance.

Practice. If you will take charge of the meeting, then you should practice how to handle it especially if you haven’t handled a meeting before. As someone who will handle the meeting, you have many responsibilities and duties. But the most important is to keep the meeting running well. You should know how to make people listen while someone is talking. You should know how to keep the meeting’s order, too.

Remind. You don’t want people not to attend your meeting just because they have forgotten about it. A day before the meeting, make sure you will update everyone about the meeting. Those people in charge of some tasks should be updated hours before the meeting or while preparing for it.

Preparation is the key to having a successful meeting. Don’t forget to start on time and finish on time, too. People in the meeting have their other things to do. Every minute counts and you should be considerate about that. You will earn respect by keeping your words.


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