How To Prepare Paperwork for Scanning

Scanning paperwork can take a lot of time - several hours or several days - depending on the number of documents to be scanned and the scanning capability of your scanner. There are ways you can employ to prepare paperwork for scanning that can make the scanning process much faster. When the documents are properly prepared you can concentrate on the scanning process and not be bothered by taking the time to prepare each document page.

  1. Take a look at all the documents that have to be scanned. Remove all staple wires and paper clips attached to the pages. Remove bits of tape that may have stuck to the some of the pages. Flatten out folded corners and smooth out wrinkles. Your scanner can pick up folds and wrinkles that will that can be highlighted when scanned and mar the quality of scanning.
  2. Check how many pages can be scanned by the scanner per batch. Some scanners can only scan one page at a time. Some modern scanners can take a batch of documents and scan them automatically with the proper setting.
  3. Batch the documents corresponding to the scanner’s capacity and keep the stack in the order that you want them to be scanned.
  4. If this is several sheets of different documents, sort the pages in chronological order and scan each page accordingly, either in the proper or the reverse order.
  5. Attach small documents such as vouchers, receipts, tickets, and business cards to a regular sheet of bond paper using a small piece of tape attached to the back of the piece to be scanned. Make sure that you have placed the item in the middle of page and as straight as possible. Do not forget to remove the piece of tape if you have to scan the reverse side.
  6. Check the paper guides of the scanner and place the documents to be scanned squarely along the guides. This will ensure that the document will come out straight as it reaches the scanning plate.
  7. If scanning has to be done singly, make sure that each piece of document lies along the guideline or frame of the scanning area. When in a hurry, sometimes you tend to forget and just place the document face down on the scanning area without bothering to check the document’s alignment. It becomes too obvious in the scanned result if the source document is askew.
  8. Make sure that the scanner is turned on and connected to your computer. Test that the scanner works just fine.
  9. Open the scanning software and check the settings. To avoid retouching each and every document that had been scanned, make sure that you have used the proper settings for the desired output. Make an initial test run to check if the settings you used are correct before proceeding to scan the entire batch.

It takes a lot of common sense to facilitate the scanning of documents. Take the time to prepare the paperwork before you scan them. This will not only make your work speedier, you will also be able to enjoy the task that can be boring and routine.


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