How To Prepare Personalized Address Labels

Using personalized address labels is a convenient way to add the necessary return-address and mailing information on a letter or package you need to send. Going to a professional printer to have these labels printed can be costly. To save some money, you can stock up on personalized address labels by creating your own. The process is very easy for as long as you have a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

1.     When preparing your personalized labels, the first thing you should do is visit your local office supply store and search for the various items you need in this endeavor. The easiest way to create labels if by purchasing a label maker. A label maker is an all-in-one device that lets you encode the information and print it on a special adhesive paper. These machines vary in price depending on brand and size. The only limitation with label makers is you cannot put a personalized logo or graphic along with the text information you encode.

Let’s assume you want to do it yourself, what you will need to buy is a label sheet. Typically, a white 8.5x11 inch sheet should do the trick. A sheet contains 11 rows with 3 labels per row. There are other colors and sizes to choose from so make sure you know what you want.

2.    Once you have your paper, the next step is designing the label. The Internet is a great source to search for free ready-made address label templates and online label software. These resources allow you to use their templates or software to generate your customized labels online. You can also opt to create your own by using Microsoft Word and going to the mailing option and clicking labels. This allows you to create a customized template based on the size of the sheet you want printed. Once you create your template and encode the information needed, you can insert any graphics you have easily to a label. Make sure to copy and paste the graphic onto all the labels.

3.    As soon as you are satisfied with the template you have created, you can now print the template. Load a blank address label sheet to your printer and start printing. Make sure you only load one sheet at a time to avoid paper jams. Print multiple copies to ensure you have a good amount of stock when you need to instantly place mailing labels fast.

Keeping a copy of your template saved on your computer is recommended so that you can reproduce address labels fast. It can also save you time if you want to redesign or edit your existing labels.

Whether you want to send out wedding invitations, letters, or packages, having a stock of personalized address labels if a good idea. It saves you a lot of time. Creating your own labels is a cheap and easy alternative than spending more money with a professional printer.


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