How To Prepare Your Brochures for Mailing

Brochures are an excellent direct mailing tool for two simple reasons: they are attractive and can include a lot of information. The design of a direct mail brochure needs to follow proper mailing guidelines, otherwise you may end up with a brochure that simply cannot be mailed. Here are some steps you can take for successfully preparing your brochures for mailing.

Step 1

Choose the Right Size

If you are willing to pay a higher price for mailing, then you could go with a larger size. First, though, you will need to check with the post office or your mailing company to see what sizes the post office will accept. For the best cost-savings, an 11"x8.5" tri-fold or other similarly sized fold of brochure is best. A tri-fold brochure is the size and weight of standard corporate envelopes, making your cost no more than standard corporate literature.

Step 2

Choose the Right Paper Type

Too light of a paper type will mean that your brochure may not withstand the wear and tear that occurs through the mail, yet too heavy of a paper stock will make your brochure weigh too much for normal mailing costs. In general, a safe paper stock for direct mail brochures is 80# or 100# gloss text.

Step 3

Create a Mailing Panel

Reserve the back panel of your brochure for mailing information. You can include your logo along with your return address, but don't include much more since you need enough room for the customer address and stamp. Don't place any information on the side (bottom when turned for mailing) margin of your brochure to leave room for the bar code the post office stamps onto mailed pieces.


Step 4

Leave Room for a Tab

A folded brochure will need to be closed with a tab before sent to the post office for mailing. Make sure that in your design, you leave enough space in the right margin on the front panel and the left margin on the back panel. You wouldn't want the tab to cover up important words in your message.

Step 5

Choose a Mailing Service

A mailing company can actually save you money when mailing your brochures, as they know how to secure cheaper mailing prices. Even better is to use the mailing services provided by your printing company, since the brochures can be sent directly from the press to the customer, making for a quicker turnaround.


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