How To Print a Color Label

Labels are the very first thing that a customer will look at when checking out a product or a service. This is why anyone venturing into any type of business should come up with a catchy color label. Here are some tips on how to print a color label to make that business launch a success.

  1. Create your color label first. Of course, you will need to create the overall design of the color label first and foremost. Choose fonts that are easy to make out. Include all of the pertinent details such as the name of the product or service. Add in contact details if necessary.
  2. Select the correct format for the images you will use on your color label. If you will be including images for your color label, make sure that these are not copyrighted. Another very important thing to consider when printing images for color labels is the format. Make sure that the images you will utilize for your color label are saved in either .eps or .tif format. These image formats are not compressed so the sharpness of the pictures and the color form are maintained even after printing. Since downloaded images from the Web are most likely in the .jpg format, make sure that you convert them to the recommended format first before laying them out on your color label design.
  3. Always scan your final master copy of the color label with the desired resolution in mind. If you need to send the master copy of the color label to a printing press, then make sure that you send a quality one. To be certain of this, you will need to scan the color label in the exact resolution you want it to be when printed. Most people tend to scan color label images in low resolution settings then have them enlarged later only to end up with blurry pictures and dull colors.
  4. Make sure that the printing press has copies of your desired fonts. Do not assume that printing presses have an endless database of fonts. Make sure that you inquire about the availability of certain fonts so that printing goes through without a hitch.

Another very innovative idea for a color label would be a slogan or a catch phrase for your product or service. Catchy one-liners that bring out the essence of a business will always catch people's attention. If you deem your color label to be successful, then be consistent in using it. This way, your business name sticks to the minds of current and potential clients. 


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