How To Print Pages Back to Back

Printing pages

When you are online, you will see numerous interesting facts that will make you want to print some pages. When you are at work, printing is one of the routine tasks that you do. Printing a page is easy, but printing back to back pages can leave you with some questions.
In the home front, you may want to print children activity pages. This usually requires back to back print activity. Whatever you need to print from a website – whether to print Disneyland pictures or print cartoon characters – you need to have a quality printer. What you can do is check your printer settings and make the necessary changes.

Here is how you can print pages back to back.

  1. Print the first page and feed the paper again for the back page. You need to check the upper left side of the document. Under the title, you will see the word “File”. It will give you a dropdown menu where you will see Print or Control P beside an image of a printer.
  2. Click on that and once you do, a window will open. You will see different options but concentrate on the upper right hand corner of the box.
  3. Look for the File printer button. Below it is a check box stating Manual Duplex. Once you check that box and you start printing, when the printer is finished with the first page, it will ask you to feed in another paper, printing your next document on the back page.

Another option you can take is printing pages by set. You just need to set up your computer printing settings correctly. Here are the steps.

  1. Print by doing the even and odd paged numbers. What you need to do is go to File, and click on Print.
  2. Once the dialog box is open, look at the middle part. You will see Pages under the category of page range.
  3. In the answer box type in 1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6 – whichever page range you want to print first.
  4. An easier way would be to go to the lower left hand side. Just above the options button is a phrase stating Print. This page range box has three dropdown choices. Choose the one stating even pages or vice versa then start printing.

If you are going to print back to back pages most of the time and you have the budget, it is better to purchase a duplex printer. A duplex printer will help you in back to back printing, automatically. It can also print single pages. Most companies who need a huge quantity of double sided pages buy this type of printer. You can buy the LaserJet 3D, which is one of the most popular duplex printers. If you do choose the LaserJet 3D, here are the steps to configuring your machine.

  1. Just access the printer icon with the printer commands. Again, go to File and click on Print, the window will appear.
  2. There you will find a printer name dropdown menu, select the location of the printer you want to use.
  3. Once you have done that click on the publication and paper settings. You will see “2 Sided Printing Options.” Choose the back to back printing option that you want.
  4. Click “Print.”

To print back to back pages for only a few documents, the manual way is the preferred way. Duplex printers are best for larger back to back printing needs. Choose what works best for you.


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