How To Make Printable Raffle Tickets: Ticket Design

Get Tips to Create Custom Tickets for a Raffle

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Printable raffle tickets are difficult to create.  It might seem easy because you only need to make multiple copies of a particular page but there is more to it.  The time and effort you put into making them can be very grueling.  First, thing of ways to make your tickets authentic or unique.  Then, create the actual pages, which will require innovation and creativity.  Simply put, making your own lottery or fund raising tickets is difficult, but if you follow these steps you will be very successful. 

  1. Assess your skills and resources.  Your chances of getting things done correctly greatly depend on how well you start the process.  If you are able to see that you might need help in certain departments like arts or graphics, then get some help.  A particular example of help you might want is with, which is an Internet website that can provide you with various services.
  2. Plan what you have to do.  The fact that you are searching the web on what to do is a good start.  Plan your budget, supplies, workers, and schedule.  Get lots of free time, because it might take you a while to finish the entire thing.  List your supplies so that you will not have to go back and forth to the stores.  And because this will involve a lot of manual labor, look for someone who can help you.
  3. Gather your supplies.  A ticket is a piece of paper that can provide you with an instant win or it can provide you access to the greatest experience in your life but before it became that, it was just a blank piece of a bigger paper.  You will need to buy a printer, lots of ink and paper, cutters, hole-stampers, etc.
  4. Create your ticket design.  Whether you want to do it on your own or you want someone’s help, you must create a unique design for your custom tickets. Make it fit the occasion or event when they will be used.  You can place a picture of the prices like a motorcycle or just some advertisements on the tickets besides the name and facts of your event.  If you were planning to give cash prizes then it would help to place in big words the phrase “WIN CASH.”
  5. Make proper identifications.  Make sure that the tickets can be authenticated easily and they can be identified individually also.  These features can be attained by placing a signature stamp or mark on them.  To make it unique from the rest of your tickets, you can place different codes or numbers on each.
  6. Print the tickets.  The most time consuming part of the whole process is when you print your own tickets.  It will take a while but if you have a printer that can deal with heavy printing faster, then you are in good shape.  To speed things up, you might want to employ two or more printers.

These tips will help you create printable raffle tickets. With step-by-step directions, the appropriate materials, and a helping hand, this difficult job gets much easier.  Gather as many helpers as you can to make it a smooth process.  The more tickets you have, the more people can buy.


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