How To Produce a Customer Service Training Manual

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any company. A good customer service department can provide any company the added edge in a highly competitive market. Fantastic customer service processes will ensure a company high customer retention and patronage. A company that does not invest in a decent customer service department will find itself toiling with a meager volume of customers in the long run no matter how good their product or service is. Due to this proven belief, many small and big companies have really invested in customer service training and development. The first step in the process is to create a customer service training manual that will serve as the bible for your company’s customer service representatives and sales people.

Identify the customer service needed for your industry. Each industry’s customer service practices differ in terms of processes and procedures. For example, the customer service and support process for an IT provider will differ from the processes in the financial industry. The steps and procedures, although similar in the result of making a customer happy, will always be different in each industry. In creating the customer service bible for your company, make sure to identify and include the processes and procedures appropriate for your industry and product.

Define customer service and its benefit. On the first segment of your customer service training manual, the definition of true customer service should be clear for your people to learn. In addition, it is highly recommended to relate the benefits of good customer services practices on the company and its customers. In a nutshell, good customer service will ensure that customers are happy and will come back for more.

Provide real situations. For a customer service trainee to truly appreciate the value of good customer service, the manual should have various customer service situations that show how a customer should be dealt with. At the same time, scenarios where poor customer service and support was given and its impact on the customer and the company should be displayed as well. Real situations and scenarios will enable your people to act if the given situation arises.

Enumerate the processes and steps. The training manual should be clean and clear about the steps and procedures when a customer service representative encounters a customer. The steps should be very detailed and should include the actual manner and disposition that the customer service representative should express to the customer. The process should indicate at what level of the situation does the representative call for higher supervisory intervention or higher level processes to resolve the situation as well. The clearer these processes and details are the easier it will be for your people to learn it.

Include scripts and process guides. Most customer service training manuals include scripts and process guides to which a customer service representative can refer to when faced with a scenario. For phone based customer service, the script is a vital tool in providing a standardized and acceptable customer service operation. Scripts are usually made by actual marketing and customer service experts and these have been proven to work all the time. Hire someone to work on your customer service script and include in your customer service training bible.

Once you complete all the essentials for the customer service training manual, it is time to start recruiting and training people to become your front liners. If your people are trained correctly, you should see an influx of new and returning customers that love the way your company handles their requests and complaints.


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