How To Promote a Bakery

The first step in promoting any business is to make sure you have a name that is significant to your line of business. Try to avoid naming your bakery with any name that almost any other bakery can be called. Give your bakery a name that has a story, is catchy and that people can talk about or easily remember and write about.

Here are some ways you can promote a bakery:

1.    Create an eye-catching logo that you can use anywhere. Make your logo stand out at your storefront, on your website, merchandise, and on promotional items.

2.    Put up an attractive signage. Make sure potential customers know what hours you are open and where you are located. Your customers should know where to find your other stores

3.    Create a signature product with a story to tell that you can use to promote your bakery. Create a must-try item that will become a customer favorite.

4.    Advertise in your local phone book, newspaper or radio and TV stations. Make sure to include your complete address, contact numbers and your specialties and products available.

5.    Create your website to promote your products. Highlight the name of your bakery, your address, contact numbers, email address, store hours, and products available with actual product photos. Regularly update your website and keep in mind a global market that may place orders using your website.

6.    Create your own bakery newsletter. Include photos of your specialties, in store promos, special events, activities and upcoming store events. Add coupons or an extra treat for customers who go back to your bakery.

7.    Design fliers to be distributed in front of your store, sent to your neighbors or left on cars. Especially if your bakery is new, people need to know you are open and what do you offer. Target your closest neighborhoods that can be your most loyal customers.

8.    Update your bakery offerings and feature a particular item at least monthly. Experiment on flavors and creations. Create products that will encourage your customers to keep returning to your bakery and be interested to try out new items offered.

9.    Develop a personal relationship with your customers to know what they want and need. Ask for suggestions and new ideas. Set up a suggestion box, talk to your customers, and communicate online.

10.    Join online communities like Flickr to learn and share ideas with other bakers and foodies. Join groups that are interested in baking, running a bakery, making desserts and food. Send information about your bakery and photos of your products. The more people know about your bakery and your products the better.

11.    Be a member of Twitter, Facebook and/or other social networking sites. Make your page inviting for new customers to join you. Offer discounts and promos exclusive to members. Keep your followers updated about your business practices, plans and upcoming activities.

12.    Read and use bakery blogs:

  • Give and share information to build a following.
  • Pay tribute to chefs and other bakeries.
  • Share ideas and thoughts on your use of products and brands.
  • Send and share bakery news and news links.

13. Prepare business cards to hand out. Make it obvious your business is a bakery. Include pictures of baked goods or your storefront.

14. Register your business address and phone number at the Google Local Business Center. Adding your information will increase your chances of getting traffic when there are Google searches for keywords like bakery or your address.


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