How To Promote a Construction Company

If you have just started your own construction company and have completed all the requirements to have a business name and license, it is time to promote your business. It is important to let people know that you have opened your business and are offering construction services.

Make sure you are clear on which services you have the manpower and skills to handle. Is it building homes, renovating, installing plumbing, or handling electrical work? Promoting your business is not easy. It takes time, effort and of course an initial marketing expense to let people know what you are offering. Once you are definite and specific with what you can offer, you can consider doing some of these promotional methods to market your construction company.

  1. Dependability and reliability are important in construction projects. It would be an advantage if you were accredited with reputable organizations that can vouch for your reliability. Register as well with your local Home Builders Association and The Better Business Bureau. Once accredited, you can add their logos when you advertise your company.
  2. Utilize your company equipment and facilities to advertise. Make your delivery and utility trucks moving billboards. Put up a large signage at your office location that has your complete contact information and the list of services you offer.
  3. Give away useful promotional items like vehicle, kitchen or door magnets, hand towels etc and promotional materials like flyers and brochures. Make sure your promotional items are big enough for you to be able to print basic contact information in case a client needs your services and would like to contact you.
  4. Look for local homeowner association offices, clubhouses, and grocery stores where you can post advertisements about the services you offer. Include discounts for respondents to your ads.
  5. Make sure you advertise in the general and local phone directory, and in your local newspaper regularly. If there are local magazines delivered to homes, insert flyers or a brochure plus a discount coupon.
  6. Prepare large signs to put up at the locations where you have completed or are working on projects. This is an effective form of advertising that is unique for construction companies. Signage seen in front yards and buildings are your best advertisement of the work you do. If prospective clients like what they see, they are bound to contact your company.
  7. Create a website where you can upload pictures of your completed projects and highlight details of the type of services you offer. You can describe in detail the kind of work you do, your suppliers and list of happy clients you can use as references.  Be sure to complete your contact information and link your site with other websites related to construction.
  8. Prepare business cards and brochures that you can distribute and give away to prospective clients, leave in stores, cars, or during trade fairs and gatherings.
  9. Offer free services to your community. Take the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and advertise your abilities by doing volunteer work. Or organize local community projects.  Give out your promotional items, brochures or flyers during the event.


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