How To Promote a Makeup Artist Business

To promote a makeup artist business, you have to make yourself known to as many people as possible.  Reaching more people means you reach those who want to purchase your services.  However, you must impart a good image to make potential customers choose you over your competitors.  The following methods are effective ways of promotion:

  1. Offer make-up classes.  Teaching your craft to people who want to learn it makes them appreciative of your skills.  It gives them an idea of what you can do.  To make more people come to your makeup artist business, offer your classes at a discount or for free. 
  2. Give make-up demonstrations.  People need to see how good you are in doing makeup before they consider doing business with you.  Offer make-up demonstrations in your beauty salon or in other places such as malls, companies, schools, or homes.  Put your makeup on models, or give makeovers to those who want it. 
  3. Write in magazines and newspapers.  When people read about your business in the papers, you increase awareness about your business.  It gives you popularity and credibility.   Look for magazines that are about cosmetics, fashion, beauty and related subjects and find a way to write an article for them.  Write on newspaper columns.  Include your contact information so people know where to find you. 
  4. Make a website.  Make an interesting website to attract potential customers.  Important details to include are your business name, contact information, services and rates.
  5. Submit articles to websites.  People use the Internet to find a variety of information, including makeup tips and makeup services.  Write helpful articles and promote your business through them.  Include a link towards your website.
  6. Hand out brochures.  Brochures present your business in an attractive way.  Have a graphic designer make you a brochure for your makeup artist business, and hand them out to people who may be interested. 
  7. Participate in fairs.  People who go in fairs want to have fun and to look good.  Promote your business in fairs by offering makeovers at discounted prices.  Give people who come by your booth some flyers so that they know where to find you in other days.
  8. Attend beauty conferences.  People who attend beauty conferences are those people who are likely to be interested in your makeup artist business.  Find conferences or seminars to attend to; make yourself known and give them reasons why doing business with you is a great idea.
  9. Upload a video.  A video about your business must put you in a good light and interest viewers.  Make an instructional makeup video that helps people while promoting your business.
  10. Advertise.  Create an advertisement, which hooks audiences and makes them want to see you.  Use classified ads.  Online classifieds are usually for free; you may use them by registering and giving information such as a username and e-mail.  If you have the budget, advertise in media like television, radio, and printed ads. 

Keep in mind that promoting is more than making yourself known; it is also projecting a good image.  Be consistent, efficient, and reliable.  Be respectful and accommodating.  No matter what promotional tool you use, keep the customer in mind.


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