How To Promote a New Product

Successful Promotion Methods for New Products

You and your business associates are tremendously excited about the promise of your new product. The question is, how do you get consumers to share your enthusiasm? Promotion is the name of the game when it comes to introducing your new product, idea, or concept to the world.

New product marketing has to involve a full assessment of the product you are about to offer and the product market it is about to enter into. Every little improvement you can make through the new product design process, from functionality to presentation, will bolster the effectiveness of your product launch. You only get one new product launch, so get it right from the start. The following steps are essential in presenting new market products:

Presentation and Packaging. Make an investment in new product design and packaging. Appearance is everything. It is 90% of any sale. The look of your new product has to catch the eye and inspire the mind, even for the most mundane of products. Inspect the general market trends in design, and look at any competing products in particular. How can you make your product appear better than its competitors or otherwise essential to the consumer's lifestyle? Likewise, you should invest in a graphic designer to design your product packaging. For a relatively small investment, a good package can offer self-promotion that can last the product's lifetime.

Commercial Launch. When the new product Businessman conducting a seminardesign process is complete, you are ready to bring your new product to the attention of the industry and the distributors with which it best fits. Seek out commercial and consumer trade shows to get your new product into the eyes and hands of the people most enthusiastic about that industry. Trade shows both small and large, regional and international, are inexpensive product marketing opportunities - particularly essential if your marketing and distribution networks are weak.

Public New Product Launch. Once you have worked out the kinks in your product management and presentation, you can prepare your new product launch for the broader consumer market. Regardless of whether you're aiming for local or global distribution, you have four basic product marketing categories.

  • Internet - The Internet is now the go-to place for broad-reaching, inexpensive new product marketing. Invest in a decent html programmer, and get your packaging designer to outline a simple website to promote your product. Then consider blogging, advertising, and affiliate marketing options to get the word out about your new product and its virtues.
  • Video - Seeing is believing, and believing is buying. Work with a professional, even a cheap one, to put together a video demonstration of your product. It can be a short clip to showcase on your webpage, a video to loop in your storefront, or an innovative commercial for a regional television ad campaign. Consider your product and its market, then tailor a video script to target that audience of consumers.
  • Radio - Despite all the competition from other media, radio is still an excellent promotion resource, especially in cost-benefit terms. Many radio stations will offer their on-air talent and even script writers to put together an advertising campaign matched specifically to your product and their listeners.
  • Print Media - Here as in all your efforts to promote your new product, consider your intended market. Where and how will you best reach them? Hitting all of the local newspapers throughout a broad area might be better than hitting the one large regional newspaper. Or the opposite might be the case. Perhaps flyers are the right thing for your company's product. Post them in business windows throughout town, or create/purchase a mailing list and send them out to targeted consumers.

Communicate your excitement over your new product to the consumer marketplace with every available practical asset you can command. You can't change the marketplace, but you can study it and use these new product development and new product launch mechanisms to shape your product for the empty niche already in the market, the one eagerly awaiting your new product.


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