How To Promote a Sale

People love to buy anything that is on sale.  To promote a sale means simply to encourage this love and give them more reasons to buy from you.  Here is how to promote a sale that few people can resist.

  1. Give significant discounts.  The bigger the discount, the better the buyer feels upon buying your product.  Giving huge discounts doesn’t mean you end up losing money. Increase the original price days before the sale.  Some people will still buy even when the prices are more expensive than usual.  When you slash the price in half or more, expect the number of buyers to multiply.
  2. Offer discounts on old products.  People want upgraded products and items.  Give them a reason to buy a not-so-current one by selling them at a discount.  There are a number of people who want a product as it is without the upgrades so when they see it selling at an affordable price, they’ll buy immediately.
  3. Put up posters.  Make people know about your sale by putting up visible posters.  Place them in an area where everyone can see it no matter what height they may be.  Keep it short so people remember the important information such as where and when to go.
  4. Distribute flyers.  People who are in a hurry to go to someplace else don’t have time to look at posters.  Give them flyers instead.  Even if they don’t look at it immediately, they will at a later time when they aren’t that hurried.
  5. Advertise in the papers.  Reach people who are reading the papers by advertising in them.  Make sure that they will see it; a whole page catches attention.  Show the wonderful items you are selling and present them in an attractive way.
  6. Get radio shows to announce your sale.  Make people who pass the time by listening to the radio know about your sale.  If you’re offering a particular product, choose a radio show that is somehow related to that product.
  7. Advertise in magazines.  Show your items in magazines and where to buy them.  Magazines are good places to display your items, especially if they are glossy and in full, vivid color.
  8. Write or find online articles.  Write or find articles that discuss items that you are selling, and comment that you are selling them.  When other people have written an article, seek their permission first before advertising so that your comment doesn’t get erased.
  9. Announce it in the Internet.  Go to online groups or forums and announce that you have a sale.  It is better if you go to groups that are interested in sales in general, or the products you are selling.
  10. Offer demonstrations.  Show how good your products are.  Get volunteers to try the product that you are selling.  This way, they are more willing to buy because you have given something first.

Reach as many people as you can.  This way, the better chances you have of finding people who are willing to splurge on a sale.  Be reliable; people will expect that what they see on the advertisements are the same things on your store.  If you gain their trust, they will come back at future sales.


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