How To Promote Your Business Blog

While a blog is an excellent tool to express your personal views, a business blog is also a tool to help people find a more personal touch with your product or services. You can maintain a personal blog about your company or set up a company blog for people to write reviews and provide feedback.

There are many blogs themselves on how to promote your business blog. Some employ software, some use free software, some use blogs simply to convey their thoughts and some use business blog to market business blogs! No matter what you do with your business blog, it is still the content of your business blog that will draw new visitors and retain old ones.

Here are 5 simple thoughts that you should bear in mind as regards content to promote your business blog:

1.    “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

If you business is common and you have a lot of competitors, then apart from finding that single idea that will draw hits to your business blog, it would indeed be useful to embellish you business blog. Using images that do not take too long to load, but illustrate your ideas and products will help visitors to your business blog understand faster and appreciate the simplicity of the way you are selling your product or service.

2.    “I’ll be back”

Remember it is not sufficient if you receive visitors only once to your business blog. You have to ensure they will return again and again and again. Towards this end, you have to provide interesting tidbits about your company or products or services. If you are able to post news even about your competitors, it shows you are not afraid and in fact are confident about your own company or product. Consistent posting will ensure that there is always something new on your business blog.

3.    “Beauty is only skin deep”

If your content is good and you receive good feedback and you are prompt in responding, then you don’t need to waste time on formatting, adding images and all the other embellishments to make your business blog attractive and interesting.

4.     “Lemonade stand”

It always helps to go back to basics. Try to keep the contents of your business blog to selling your products as you would sell lemonade from a simple stand. Most potential customers can be scared away with complex terms of application and high sounding words.

5.    “Everything I do …”

If you are the CEO or the President of your company, you should let your customer / client know about everything you do for your customer / client through the company by either writing on your company’s business blog or writing your own personal blog linked to your company. Nothing is more reassuring to a customer or client than being able to access the head honcho of a company. It not only provides the all important human touch to a buyer-seller relationship, but also encourages the customer / client to visit your business blog and stay loyal to your products / services.

You can remember 5 ways above on how to promote your business blog by remembering the acronym “BIBLE”.  Other innovative technologies which can help you promote your company can be learned through online business courses.


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