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Do you ever think about what would happen if disaster strikes? In the blink of an eye, all your important computerized documents, pictures and client data would be gone. It can happen. Lightning strikes, floods, theft, hard drive failure, computer viruses and more can result in a loss of information that can be difficult and expensive or even impossible to recover.

Maybe you already backup your data, documents, and photos. But where do you keep the backups? Are they at your home or business, in the same building as the computers you use? The same disaster that might destroy your computers could also destroy the backups. If a large-scale natural disaster such as a hurricane, large flood, wildfire, etc. occurs, even storing your backups in the same city could lead to losing both.

There is a solution, it's called online backup and it comes highly recommended by professionals from all fields, even from IT support people, the same people you would pay thousands of dollars to should you need data recovery. Even when you take great care in backing up your systems on a daily basis, there is always the factor of human error to consider. Someone forgets to do the backup, does it wrong, or stores the disks or tapes incorrectly. Online backup automates your data backup so those concerns are no longer relevant.

As more and more of us try to eliminate the need for paper files in our homes and offices, it is becoming even more important to have good backup systems for our important information. Online backup eliminates the problems that can be encountered due to human error, natural and grand scale disasters, theft and technological failures. With online backup, your information will be securely stored off-site and the systems can be easily set to automatically back up as often as you need.

Online backup is typically a very cost-effective solution for small and large businesses for the following reasons.

  1. Time. They do not need to devote a portion of an employee's workday to backing up documents.
  2. Space. They do not need to purchase CDs and other storage medium, and no portion of the company's physical premises is lost to storage space.
  3. Cost. Online backup also protects companies against the future cost of IT services for data recovery.

For many businesses, the loss of personal client or patient data could mean the end of the business. This is one reason it is so important to make your online backup choice wisely. The use of online backup will also help healthcare providers in following the guidelines of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the strictest of privacy practices in any industry.

On a personal level, any number of things could also happen to your personal documents and it would be devastating. More and more of us are taking digital photos and storing them on our computer. If something happens to your computer and the data cannot be recovered, there go possibly years of family photos. These and other important files should be backed up outside your home to ensure your peace of mind.

Don't be one of those people who frets and cries over lost computer data or who spends too much money on data recovery, which may or may not work. Make the best choice now and protect the files and photos that you can't do without. Put online backup to work for you today.


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Thank you for sharing this, that message should be proclaimed from every rooftop. Data loss is a serious issue, especially for businesses. Four out of five go out of business when they have a computer disaster, and it is preventable with offsite backup. I also agree it should be done over the Internet since physically transporting data poses even more risks.

By Steve Chittenden

Online backup service is very important to me and my small business. I researched online backup services and discovered that it is very affordable. I just cant imagine losing all of my data.

By Jason Kay

I just lost my data when my hard disk crashed so I know this is important. Will check on the link. Thanks.

By Mary Norton

Hi Tracey

Business continuity is a very important aspect for small - medium sized businesses (SMEs). A large proportion of these smaller companies fail within the two years following any catastrophic data loss. Business depends so much on taking care with your valuable data. Apart from any legislative requirements for ensuring safe and propitious custody of personal data.


By Rik Whittaker