How To Provide Dental Benefits to Employees

When you decide to provide dental benefits to employees, there are many programs available you may want to consider.

The easiest way to provide dental benefits to employees may be to add a dental plan to any existing health benefits you now have in place for your workers. Simply contact the company which writes your current health insurance policy to learn your options. Usually this would be the least expensive path to take, and will probably involve less paperwork.

If you are going to offer dental benefits that will be funded by you, there is usually no reason for employees to refuse the benefit. This would be more expensive for you of course, but it will assure you that everyone is covered.

You may prefer to offer dental benefits that are partially paid for by you, with participating employees contributing a portion each month. Determine what you can afford to pay to provide dental benefits to your employees. Learn whether the employees feel they can afford to pay a portion of the premium. Also, be aware that some insurance companies insist that a percentage of your employees participate in the dental benefits program in order to write your policy.

When you review programs that are available you may want one that offers a flat rate per year as a dental benefit. Dental needs would be covered up to this amount, and anything over that amount would be paid for by the employee. Even a basic plan such as this may allow employees to have general dental services at a considerable savings.

Employers who wish to provide dental benefits also have the option of using what is referred to as a direct reimbursement plan. With this choice the employer determines how much money should be budgeted each year to cover dental costs for all employees combined. The employer makes the funds available to reimburse employees for their dental expenses up to a predetermined amount. Employees must show dental receipts for the expenses in order to be reimbursed. Such plans allow employees to choose any dentist. This may be an easier and less expensive way to provide dental benefits to employees. Employers retain any unused funds at the end of the benefit year.

Before making any decisions compare several companies to learn about different plans. You may be able to provide dental benefits to employees for less with a larger company. Insurance companies often vary considerably.


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