How To Provide Excellent Retail Customer Service

Most retail oriented businesses prioritize sales over other activities. This is where money comes in, and the more customers the better. However, aside from sales, customer service is also an important aspect of retail. You want to give your customers the best experience possible. Make their stay pleasant, and they will keep on coming back.

This includes customer service during the buying process, and also after-sales support. You want your customer to be as happy as possible. This will include having greeters, efficient checkout personnel, and making it easy for your customers to find the things they need.

The welcome

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. The first thing you need to do in providing a good customer service experience is putting yourself in the position of the customer. Try to act like a customer, and try to see how it feels. Walk into your retail store. What do you expect from a sales person?

You should be consistent in treating customers, no matter who they are or what they look like. Greet each customer with a genuine smile, and with a pleasant voice.

Shopping and browsing

You might be browsing products on the aisles or the display area. Is someone helping you with your decision making? Are the sales personnel too intrusive? Have you ever been hounded by a sales person? Helping out with decision making is great, but most customers don’t like to be hounded. Be available, but don’t necessarily look over your customer’s shoulders at every moment. When you see that they are having trouble or doubts, offer to help.

You should also know your products very well. Customers will take your advice if you are knowledgeable. Don’t just make recommendations to make a sale. Be sure that the suggestions you make are helpful, and appropriate to the customer. For example, if a dress doesn’t suit her body type, try to present better alternatives.

If you run a clothing retail store, you will need to have adequate fitting rooms. During sales and peak hours, though, you might experience overcrowding, so make sure people line up. It might be a good idea to provide number cards so your customers can just continue browsing or get seated while they wait for their turn.

The checkout

Ask the customer if they need anything else, and ask if they had a great time with shopping. Listen to their feedback. If they have a concern, this should be brought to management.

Try to make the checkout experience as fast as possible. Make it a point to have adequate change even for large bills. Don’t inconvenience the customer by having her wait unnecessarily.

Before the customer leaves, be sure to greet her. Tell her to have a great day, and to please come back soon.

Retail stores can also give loyalty cards or memberships to customers. You can give them a discount on their next visit. Your loyalty card should also have your contact information, so the customer can call you in case she has questions or concerns about the product.

More than sales, customer loyalty can help enhance your business. This will help improve goodwill, and will result in repeat purchases in the future.


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