How To Purchase Residential Addresses for Mass Mailing

Mass mailing is one of the marketing campaigns employed by companies who want to reach a very broad market base at a price that is way below that cost of print or broadcast advertising. This is used for general announcements, seasonal promotions and for longer product descriptions that cannot be included in radio, TV and print ads, just like those numerous product fliers and brochures that are included in your monthly utility and credit card bills.

It is a cheaper way to do a cold marketing approach and several list brokers exist to provide companies with thousands of residential addresses that are available for lease or for purchase for a limited period. Here are some tips on how to purchase such residential address lists.

  1. Identify the specific market that you want to target. Residential mailing lists can be purchased or leased based on the geographic areas that you want to reach. These can be specific areas that you want to develop or saturate. Or you can choose areas where you want to maintain market presence.
  2. List down the specific requirements for the people that you want to reach based on age, gender, purchasing capability, profession and educational attainment. You can be as broad as you want or as specific as you want when you purchase residential addresses.
  3. Search for qualified list brokers. Two direct marketing association websites that you can visit are the American Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association and look at the members that are listed. You can ensure that the list broker you will get your list from adhere to industry standards and practices. You can also be ensured that the list you are going to buy is fresh. Ninety-two percent is the direct marketing standard for deliverability.
  4. Choose all the options that will fit your requirement. There are several filters that you can choose from to make the address list that you are going to purchase as targeted as possible. Check all the demographic selections and consumer habits for your list for more effective direct mailing. This comes with a higher price tag but you can be ensured that you only send to a selected section of the market where you can expect to generate more sales.
  5. Do note that you buy the list for a certain period only and technically, you are just renting the list and it is not an outright purchase. The list will remain the property of the list broker. Other clients will be using some of the names that will be included in your list based on the criteria that they have set.
  6. Check out the pricing structure and the conditions for use of several mailing list brokers. The rate they charge will be based on the cost per thousand or about 10 cents per name. Typically you will order a list containing a minimum of between five thousand to ten thousand names for consumer records. You should also check the condition for list upgrades. Reliable list brokers will include that as part of the service that you pay for. They will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction and help you identify all the options necessary for you to achieve success.

Measurable results can be achieved by buying residential addresses for mass mailing, when done right. Take the time to ensure that you are buying a fresh list that can be updated and sorted and look for a list broker that has a proven track record.


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