How To Purchase Used Hay Bale Equipment

Buying used hay bale equipment is gaining popularity among farmers. For one, buying new equipment is a tremendously expensive option. Used does not necessarily mean old and rusty. As long as the wise farmer knows how to find the best and efficient used hay bale equipment, big savings will be achieved. Just imagine the savings that can be used on other equipment or farming supplies!

Here are some things that you should know in purchasing used hay bale equipment:

  1. Know where to purchase the used hay bale equipment. Actually, you have two options: one is going to a local source and the other is finding one online. It is best to consider both options. Go around town and find farms that are selling some of their used equipment. You may also get some referrals from some farmer friends. It's good to buy used hay bale equipment from someone that you or your friends know so you will know where to go to when there's a problem. A Web site, on the other hand, offers free ads service for farmers selling their used equipment. You can browse their ad listings to find the used hay bale equipment that is within your budget. If you find it quite expensive, the same site can help you apply for financing options.
  2. Do your research. Now that you have your choices ready, it’s time to do some thorough research on which models perform better and which do not. Doing your research will also help you stay updated on the prices so you will be able to realize if the used hay bale equipment you are eyeing is overpriced or not. You can ask around among your farmer friends or join an online farmer forum to get the facts you need.
  3. Schedule a day when you can check out the equipment. This time you will get to see the equipment up close. Scrutinize every part and do not be ashamed to point out any damages to the seller if applicable. Ask the seller about the length of time the equipment has been used. Do not get the ones that have been used for more than 12,000 hours as parts-replacement may not work when it conks out in the future. If you are not confident in your mechanical know how, you can bring a mechanic to do the thorough inspection. Make a list of all the undesirable factors that you and your mechanic had noticed so you can ask for a lower price.

The quality of hay bale equipment you will use on your farm can generally affect your farm's productivity. Hay bale equipment is primarily used in moving and stacking hay bale. Although you can find ones that are less expensive than the others, you should still consider how the equipment fares compared to your other choices. You should also look into some safety issues. You should not sacrifice the quality even when you are buying used hay bale equipment. It is still your money and you should make the most out of that purchase.


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