How To Raise Money with a Car Wash

Car washing is not only a charity organizations' way of raising money. It can also be a good business especially when you have a unique idea that can catch the attention of more customers. In starting up a car wash business, you should know how to clean a car, detail a car, and more. Making your customers happy will make your business earn more.

Here is how you can raise money with a car wash.

  1. Determine the capital you need for you to launch a car wash business.
  2. Study and research the things and supplies you will need to make your business possible. Learning the services and mastering them will make you earn more by providing appropriate and good quality service to your customers. Making them happy will make you gain more clients later on.
  3. Determine the price per hour of the services you will render.
  4. Choose the right location, pick of a location that is accessible to motorists.
  5. Make an eye catching art sign so motorists can see you right away.
  6. Make a detailed price of every service you have like car wax, car polish, car detailing, exterior detailing and others. This will help customers easily decide what particular service they want.
  7. Check on other car wash's price list, over pricing your services might not catch motorist's attention.
  8. If you can do this business with a team, go ahead! It will be best to do it with a team because there are certain roles each of you should portray in order to make the business prosper.
  9. If you are a team, designate every one a particular task to make the cleaning easier and quicker. Remember you should always keep a client happy and smiling. If they are not satisfied with your work they will not come back again, or worse, they can tell their friends that your car washing team is not efficient.
  10. Avoid committing mistakes. Don't let clients hate you for providing a lousy service. You should gain their trust so you will be able to compete and stay in this business as long as your clients are there.
  11. Give away flyers indicating your services and prices.
  12. Try to start doing business online. Providing online access to your clients will make them seek your service so they do not have to go out to look for a car wash. They can easily contact you online.
  13. Start out by using promos like wearing a bikini and offering discounts; for example, for every four cars washed you can get a fifth car washed for free.
  14. Enjoy your work. Though you're working seriously, this business needs to be customer oriented and you should keep smiling all the time to attract customers.
  15. Don't over react. Screaming and making vulgar actions might turn away clients. Always stay prim and proper.

Whether you are raising money with a car wash for charity or for business, the tips above will work for you.


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