How To Read Commercials

It is extremely frustrating to a call a company after seeing a commercial to find out you missed something in the 'small print'.  Listening to the commercial is not enough as a consumer you have to read the commercial.  Reading everything on it is often a difficult task to do, but there are a few things you can do to make it simpler.

First, when you read the commercial do not worry too much about the phone number at the beginning.  This is one piece of information that the company will make sure you have.  It will be repeated several times and given again at the end.

Secondly, look for key words such as credit card needed. This is important when reading commercials.  Oftentimes if a credit card is necessary, then there is a club or continuation program in order to receive a special price or promotion.  Which leads to another often missed phrase: free with shipping and handling.  If a credit card is needed and the item is supposed to be free, then there is probably shipping that you will have to pay for.  Other key words to look out for include free with additional shipping and handling. Many consumers miss this important part and become extremely frustrated when the shipping is more than they anticipated.

One common mistake among consumers is that they miss the words free upgrade. For example, free upgrade to rush shipping does not mean free shipping.  It means that you will pay the regular shipping charges and will simply receive faster shipping without paying an extra fee.

An important part of reading commercials is also to pay attention to the small print at the bottom. This section usually informs the consumer if a credit card is needed. In some commercials, this section may include information on age or residency restrictions that may apply.

Another item to watch for when reading commercials is whether tax applies to your purchase.  The end of the commercial usually will have this information.

The least important item to read is the address. If you miss this information, you can simply call the phone number and the operator will have this information for you.

So if you listen carefully and read the commercial, you can avoid frustration and have a better experience when ordering a product from a television ad.


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