How To Redesign Your Old Office Furniture

If you're tired of your office space and want to freshen it up with a new look, consider redesigning your old office furniture. Move things around, repurpose some old furniture, and before you know it your office will have an entirely new look and feel that may just inspire you while you work. Here are some tips on how to redesign your old office furniture.

Step 1

Move the furniture to open up the space. Often, your old office furniture can make your office space look dark and crowded. A quick fix to this dilemma is to redesign the room with space in mind. Push large, bulky pieces to the outside of the room. Make use of unused corner spaces and move furniture closer to other furniture. Get rid of office furniture that you don't use to bring more room to your office. This will open up the room and give your office space an airier feel.

Step 2

Consider putting your desk in the middle of your room. If your old office desk originally faced the wall, consider relocating it to the middle of the room. Move it so that there is a space behind the desk for you to sit, and also an area in front of your desk for guests to sit. Not only will this make your office look more professional and inviting to colleagues and clients, but it will also help reduce burnout associated with staring at a wall all day when you're seated at your desk.

Step 3

Consider reupholstering your old office furniture. You can also give new life and purpose to your old office furniture by reupholstering it. Send away your fabric office chairs and couches and have them redone in a new, more modern fabric. It will feel like you've got new furniture again! If that's not in your budget, a simpler redesign would be to just place a throw blanket or a slip cover over your old office furniture. It will give it a new look without such a big price tag.

Step 4

Paint your furniture. If your old office furniture looks tired and dated, you can also redesign it with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure you purchase the right type of paint that will adhere to the material of your desk, shelving or coffee tables. You'll probably need to use a coat of primer first to help the new paint color stick to your old office furniture. But within a few hours, you can redesign your entire office space to have a fresher, more modern, and perhaps even more inspiring look and feel.


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