How To Renew a Business Registration

Running a business is hardly an easy task. There are legions of things, ideas and tasks that you need to think about. One way to navigate this difficult course is with the aid of online classes in business. In starting a new business, you need to get a business registration license. You go about your business, time flies and what you need to do now is a renewal. Renewing your business registration is not complicated. You can do this online or in person.

  1. Keep your business registration or trade registration license handy. You might need to get some information off it for your new registration. Whether you have a business that is work from home, an online business or a physical store set up, you would need to renew your license. The registration law classifies unregistered businesses as illegal.
  2. A renewal notice is sent to you by post. The US Government sends this demand note usually thirty days before your original license expires. This will contain your business ID Number and a password. If you have lost this information you can get in touch with companies or websites who handle renewal and they will help you with this.
  3. Search registration websites on the Internet. Once you choose where you will get your license renewed, search the web. Some websites will just ask you for your registry number. Some will ask for your business ID and password. You can just enter the required information in the answer boxes provided. You can check out City of Federal Way at
  4. You can go on the Oregon secretary of State website at for registration corporation help. You would need to check how your business is listed on the Business Registry Database.
  5. If all the required information is available, you can choose your method of payment. Visa, Master Card credit and debit cards are accepted. Renewal fees vary and a year's payment is necessary. Late fees normally apply so be sure to pay on time.
  6. If there are changes to your original registration like location and ownership, you would need to get in touch with your city government directly or fill out the required form stating the changes and send it by snail or express mail.
  7. Upon payment or renewal, you will get a payment receipt. It can take from two days to ten business days to receive your new license. Your renewal needs to be reviewed and approved before being given a newly issued license.
  8. The renewal form would include the need for the following information; business name, location, contact numbers, address, original start date, license number, business type, workers compensation declaration and signature.
  9. A reminder though, some renewal may need to undergo an inspection from the government. You will be advised if your request for renewal is rejected.

Get your business registration license renewal done early; it avoids the hassle of paying for late fees or cancellation. Whether you plan to do it online or in person, you need to know how to make sure you are informed of the status of your business.  You can also take online business management classes, to ensure that you're fully prepared for any changes you may need to make in the future. It pays to be responsible.


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