Rent a Credit Card Machine: Wireless Credit Card Machine

Get a Credit Card Machine for Your Business or Trade Show

Card payment machine

Renting a credit card machine is often done for business promotions and trade shows. This is especially preferable to being limited to only accepting cash and checks as your customers will expect to be able to charge their purchases. It is preferred to rent one rather than buy it if you are only going to use it for a short period of time and may not need it again. Check out these tips to get a credit card machine.

Below are some procedures to follow if you would like to rent this piece of equipment:

  1. First, determine the date that you are going to need a credit card machine, in order to respond to the questions the rental agency's customer service will ask you. Determine also if you would like to rent it on a short term or a long term basis. Consider that there will be a price difference. Rental companies also have their specializations.
  2. Decide whether you are going to have a merchant account or just let the rental company do the processing itself. There will be a price difference, and it would be cheaper to have a merchant account.
  3. Search for where you can find machines locally. The process will be more convenient for picking up and returning the equipment. 
  4. Decide what type of machines you would be renting. There will be a difference—some credit card machines would accept all kinds of cards, even those that require a PIN code. But some have their limitations.
  5. Consider the payments. Ask for a list of the rates that you will be paying, depending on the rental basis—daily, weekly or monthly. Some companies may offer you lower rates.
  6. You should not let the rental agency pressure you to sign a contract for a longer term that you need. 
  7. Consider choosing a machine that can take gift cards. It would allow you to process additional transactions.
  8. You can request a wireless credit card machine if it is what you need. A wireless credit card machine works without being connected directly to the computer. It can still process credit and debit cards.

Now you can get a credit card machine for your business or a trade show event. You also have other options rather than renting a credit card machine. You could consider having an online gateway. It comes with a manual credit card imprinter. You could arrange this for a period of one month, and it includes a merchant account and a cheap imprinter. Using an online gateway is likely more economical, as well.


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